• Welcome To The Show
  • High Heeled Love
  • Face The Music
  • Crisis
  • Break Out The Jams
  • Appetite
  • The Whole World

Hendrik, vocals- guitar

Simon,  guitar

Phil, bass

Gereon, drums

EAT THE GUN: "Kingsize"              www.eatthegun.com        HEADSHOCK
  Produced and engineered by Matthias Strass, Mixed by Matthias Strass & Matthias Petereid
Recorded at: Fishton Studio / Bremerhaven & A-Vision-Music Studio / Bremen

Review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____

simply awsome Hard Rock
hey you welcome to the show!

Rock and Metal are not equivalent, though they are brothers. Rock and Metal , common origins different evolution, different lyrics, different lifestyles. If you take a direction, very hardly you will change it for the other one, so i don't listen usually to Rock , and even if it's hard, but when i happen to come in contact with an overwhelming Hard Rock i cannot avoid to pay my surprised attention. It happened recently with Krokus and their excellent "Rock the Block" and now again with Eat The Gun that are shooting with "Kingsize" 7 songs that are simply enthralling: old school, young and aggressive determination. Take the classic american byker Hard Rock/Rock'n Roll of the 70's and now add the modern complexity and instrumentation , mix the result with  a touch of freshness and high voltage : here it is,  you will have Eat the Gun. Thumbs up to a band like this, they still believe in a dream and this dream comes true: 4 guys from Münster, Germany, make us fly to the shores marked stripes and stars with unbelievable dynamism. No digital intervention: here we have a shouting , intense guitar sound with a lot of solos, sharp chords and wah-wah . The rhytmic session gives a big support to guitar and vocals, underlining the all round  melodic passages. Cause Eat the Gun are not only energy but also catchy melody. Rebels with a flower in their hands announcing a mighty Rock . The technique is very valuable , the sound is clear and well structured, the combination of the instruments  excellent, the tracks have blood in their "veins", rhythm, power, energy and good-mood . Eat The Gun, whose   logo mascot is  a bulldog with a gun in the mouth, have just been through a long tour in Germany and are already starting the second part of this "Kingsize tour" crashing  also Hamburg , Bremen and Berlin. I bet they will rock Germany till the ground and soon  the rest of the continent too. Not only Hard Rock lovers , AC/DC, Motörhead ,  Doro and Kiss fans will like them, Eat The Gun will win also Guns'n Rose and  Power_metal oriented hearts. Kingsize gives us around 20 mins of pure extract of energetic Rock captained by a formidable opener that every listener will really like,"Welcome to the Show": varied, catchy, at the borderline between AC/DC and  metal mentality, it is the super track of the whole CD followed by the relentless speed and roaring High heeled Love.   Face the Music is more classic: showcases a big guitar work but it doesn't show any interesting new aspects, rather predictable unfortunately it is the song which doesn't attract me that much . Kingsize slows down then with another super track in mid tempo and vaste horizons : Crisis. No escape to resist its spell: only one negative side: it seems too short!    And we speed up again:  pressed rhythm till the last breath with Break out the Jams, rich in  overpowering loops. A bit slower and really highway 66 oriented  is Appetite.  Kingsize is closed by  The whole World, that begins in perfect acoustic style giving birth to a melodic intense song with the characteristics of a ballade: time for a reflection , time for sunset, who is carrying the world on his shoulders?

"this lonely man
he told me that
he was always passionate
now as he stands there with bloody hands
his voice ´s so sad
his eyes are filled with tears"

Superb Hard Rock made in Germany , i would like to see eat the Gun  play live with the mythical Krokus. All in all a cool  well produced CD . The sunny Rock spirit is alive.

Hey you, welcome to the show
You’re my rock’n’ roll sweetheart

rating 9/10

dalia fc di giacomo 

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