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Roberto Cardinali - drums Lorenzo Morresi - vocals 

Stefano Wosz - guitars Massimiliano Wosz - electronics

Daniele Tiberi - bass

EDENSHADE: "The Lesson betrayed"    edenshade        

Recorded, mixed & mastered: by Stefano Wosz and EDENSHADE at Duality Studios (Italy).
Drums recorded: at Potemkin Studio

 interview with Stefano Wosz 


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____                     

Progressive metal is perfectly mixed to death and modern metal. If you like original metal music this album is what you’re searching for.

My Kingdom Music gets one of the best original Italian bands….Edenshade comes back after about 3 years with a an album that is able to wonder me by an incredible ability to create an amazing sound made by articulated structures in which progressive metal is perfectly mixed to death and modern metal!

Growl and clean vocals are often mixed to special chorus into emotional music…Try to listen to “ That Blind” that is a very incredible song in which the band shows a huge passion and  a never ending power…A sort of Slipknot  that meets Novembre!!!

The band shows good melodic ideas put into powerful structures, but the songs structures are not based only  on melodies…The band creates music through hypnotic parts in which we notice a great originality. For example “The Drop” is a kind of modern melodic death in which I can’t but notice a brilliant progressive metal touch in particular in the keyboard solos! The song is based on a classic structures in which there are many progressive parts!

The title track is pure adrenaline!!!! A song that will the joy of all new metallers…

My favourite is  the next one, called  “ Contemplate”; It’s a melodic prog-death song in which there are many nu-metal parts! It’s incredible how they’re able to remind me of Korn and Dream Theater at the same time! There’s an part in which a guitar riff sung with the typical Korn style is followed with an incredible progressive nu-metal part that show an incredible technique!!! The band takes care of all particulars both for arrangements and structures!

This is the essence of this style…”As water” is another pearl that mixes Slipknot, Before the Dawn, Dark Tranquillity and classic progressive metal with an incredible ability!!!!!!

“Insects” is another classic modern metal song in which there’s space for a strophe sung in Italian!!

 The album is closed by the eletro-dark atmosphere of  “Day Zer0” .

If you like original metal music this album is what you’re searching for!


rating: 9,5/10  


Salvo  Russo  11.06.2006  
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