01. Chaomphalos
02. Ardour
03. Sunwar the Dead
04. Ares in their Eyes
05. The Hemlock Sea
06. La terre nŽaime pas le sang
07. A Song of Ashes
08. Laceration
09. Polioketika
10. Blood and Grey Skies Entwined
11. Threnos


Iskandar Hasnavi
Renaud Tschirner

ELEND: "Sunwar the Dead"     elend                     holy records

distributed in Switzerland  by Irascible Distribution


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Elend...After 11 years since they formed the dark-ambient Austro-French band decide to begin an exciting travel into the orchestral obscurity (as they use to do) with a cycle of five albums started with the previous "Winds Devouring Men" and now in evolution with this new " Sunwar the Dead".

For all those who don't know this band... I begin this review with an important message. Elend plays dark-ambient ...their music is made by an orchestra arrangements and the sound is an involving travel into an obscure path that seems nearer to horror soundtracks than to dark songs. Their songs are composed with a camera music approach, but with a black mark in the deep of the soul.......


This album gets 11 dark chapter; Some of them are very brutal and full of obscure visions...

In this album Elend are accompanied by more than 50 classically trained musicians and singers! An opera that I try to describe in few words....

Iskandar Hasnawi e Renaud Tschirner have made one of the most brutal album in their carrier ...A brutality made without drums and guitars (...only by nocturnal and obscure visions made by an orchestral arrangement)!

The lyrics of this album contain like the previous one , the long epic prose poem begun on "Winds" combining personal themes with references to ancient Greek authors.

The album is dominated by heavenly voices but also a strong presence of the male vocal  dominates the scene! The album is a travel that seems neverending and every song gets its charm...an old charm that seems to bring us into another time.....It's impossible not to be amazing listening to "Threnos " that is one of the most beautiful "chapter" of this opera..."where the darkness meets the heaven"....

In my opinion, sometimes the male vocals are tedious and seems to contrast the charm of the music...Instead I give a very positive opinion about chorus.

Not every song are full of inspiration...but in this contest, it's very hard to give a single valuation...an on the whole I can only say that this album ...could be the soundtrack of your dreams...or nightmares(if you prefer)....An opera to be listened in silence as if we were into a theatre...


rating: 7.5/10


Salvo  Russo  
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