01. Such a long time

02. Where you belong

03. Sie erfasst mein Herz

04. Do you believe

05. Engel der Nacht

06. God's silence

07. Devil's temptation

08. Come to me

09. My only love

10. Child

11. Abenslied

12. Betrayal (Bonustrack auf Digipack


Sabine Dünser (vocals)
Pete Streit (guitars)
Juergen Broger (guitars)
Tom Saxer (bass, additional vocals)

Franky Koller (drums)


ELIS : "God's Silence, Devil's Temptation"       elis        

produced at Mastersound Studio by Alexander Krull (Atrocity)

Review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     


A very refined sound, but on the same time easily listened is what Elis propose in “God’s Silence, Devil’s Tempation”, an 11-tracks cd for a bit more than 43 minutes of a powerful and involving gothic. The ideas are very good for a band marking its own musical and interpretative abilities, giving sweet losing smells. Cadenced guitars are accompanied by a very sweet  melody supported by keayboards and vocals standing out in a background ruled by  decise and impacting drums.

A voice, the one of Sabine Dünser (ex Erben der Schöpfung) that recalls closely the old Within Tempation, and the sound is influenced by prog reminiscences that exalt the work’s finesse. A quite similar structure ties the first songs in this album, even though in each of them, thanks to the good work of the band, it becomes easy to find a character which sharply differenciates one song from another. Hints of double bass drum, mid – time and attempts of growl make “God’s Silence, Devil’s Tempation” a heterogeneous album that can be listened with pleasure.

Delicate as a love song is “Sie Erfasst Mein Herz”: a faint melody (sung in German) that lulls the more romantic souls. The album goes on without hesitation, trying to hasten the musical times, with drum insertions and keyboards in a pure prog style and male vocals between black and death which break through the sweet atmosphere created by the thin voice of Sabine, almost a pebble thrown into a pond. More paced  rhythms are to be found in “Devil’s Temptation”, where the endless duet between tra Sabine and and the male vocal creates a gloom and captivating atmosphere that, with malice, surrounds a gothic death sound performed by the drums and the guitars.

Yes, “Devil’s Tempation” is imo the best song in this exceptional work. A very good interpretation for the keyboards in “Come to Me”, a sweet song with delicate and evanescent tones.

A very good work indeed for Elis, that deserve all the attention towards a high level band.

rating: 8/10

Sara De Vita  


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