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Wake up 
My World 
Let me break in my Tears
New York City
This is What
You canít get enough
Help me




Richard Z. Kruspe - Singer/Guitar 

Arnaud Giroux - Bass 

Olsen Involtini - Rhythem Guitar 

Henka Johansson - Drums 


EMIGRATE: "Emigrate"  emigrate    motor music



review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 


People in their late 20ís and 30ís.


            The brainchild of Emigrate is Richard Z. Kruspe of the band Rammstein, as if you didnít know. I am a longtime Rammstein fan that was interested to see what Richard Kruspe could create without his Rammstein band-mates. What really surprised me was that he had not utilized any of his Rammstein band mates. The only thing that was close to that was the drummer for Clawfinger of whom were involved with several Rammstein re-mixes. I had not heard any of the songs before, so I was buying into Kruspeís reputation as Rammsteinís guitar player. I did not know quite what to expect. It would be foolish of me to think I was getting another Rammstein sounding CD, so in all I had no idea what to expect.


            Emigrate; the bandís title track fools the listener into thinking that this is going to be another Rammstein song by starting out with a synth sequence with a solid monotonous drumbeat and guitar riff following it. Yes, I had my head banging just to let you know that although the guitar riff was monotonous, it still sounded good. Kruspeís singing is completely different from Till Lindemanís, where I feel Kruspeís is smoother and higher pitched and to be honest, it sounds good too. The style of the song doesnít remind me of Rammstein so much as it reminds me more of Killing Joke. Kruspeís singing in this track, as opposed to most of the tracks on here, sounds a bit raspy which makes him sound like Jaz Coleman. Same with the drumbeat and the guitar sound. If Kruspe was replaced with Coleman, I wouldnít have been able to tell the difference. Which is a compliment to the band.


            Wake Up is a faster paced song that really caught my attention. Itís very hard to explain how I feel about this song. It feels good listening to this song, it sounds more mature than most of the music I have heard lately. I can see this appealing to a lot of people. Itís another Killing Joke sounding song but now I am convinced that this blows away anything that that band has done. The guitars arenít as monotonous and because of this, Kruspe has demonstrated to me that although the guitars in this song and a few others, are obvious influenced by his work with Rammstein, he has clearly shown me that Emigrate is different. And I like what I hear.


            My World has been stuck in my head more times than I can count . The guitar riffs, the drumbeats, and the singing are terribly addicting! Itís not so much a metal song as it is a really good hard-rock song. For me, this song is the definition of modern hard rock. When most people think of hard rock most people like myself think of AC/DC and bands like that, which are great but not exactly modern. This songÖjust absolutely brilliant. I have my head banging every time I listen to it.


            New York City was the track they (they meaning record label and management) chose to make a video out it. The song is about a person arriving to New York City for the first time, or at least thatís what I get out of it. It also outlines the songwriterís feelings about the city and outlines them in this song. Itís very catchy and it sounds very good. I can see why they chose this song, it had a great feel to it, it has a lot of depth to it, it isnít just one tempo throughout the song, it slows, it quickens, and it contains a very good solo. This song contains all the elements of a great hard rock song. Although, I still think the video could have been a lot better, both the song and the video are worth checking out.


            There other tracks where I could tell that Kruspe was singing from the heart in the not so hard-rock mid-tempo songs that still sounded good too. Tracks like Temptation, You Canít Get Enough, Babe, In My Tears, and Help Me all show that Kruspe and Emigrate arenít just a one-size fits all Hard-Rock, Industrial-Metal band.


            The only criticism I have about this CD is that I cannot see someone young buy this CD and like it as much as I do. I know, that as a young man I would not have liked this CD as much. However, as a 27-year-old male as of 2008, I rather like the CD. It doesnít overload my senses, it doesnít seem to get old quickly and I would have no problems showing this CD to my friends who are my age or older. I feel that this is a mature sounding CD that would appeal to people in their late 20ís and 30ís. I would highly recommend this CD to anyone I have described above. For the hardcore Rammstein fans, I think they might dig it too.


rating: 9/10  


Matthew Haumschild   26.03.2008  

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