I wanna be your Man 
Baby Baby Baby 
Gotta get out 
Next best thing 
Tip of my tongue 
Road to destruction 
All night 
From the ashes of sin 
Long way home 




Michael Grant - Vocals / Lead Guitar
Kristan Mallory - Rhythm Guitar
Tommi Andrews - Bass
Eric Humbert - Drums

ENDEVERAFTER: "Kiss or Kill"    endeverafter      Razor & Tie Entertainment

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


I never thought Rock could be this fun again!

  I never thought Rock could be this fun again!  EndeverafteR has just proven this 10x, and from the reviews and Arena show that has happened they have learned well from the likes of Zepplin and Crue.  Recreating the sexual swagger, the attitude and the root of Rock -n- Roll ...FUN.  EndeverafteR have already completed a tour with Poison and Cinderella and had an offer to tour with KISS as well.  To catch what the buzz is about check out the videos on You Tube and NGTV.com.


  The line up consists of four guys from Sacramento, California.  Michael Grant on Vocals and Lead Guitar,  Kristan Mallory with Rhythm Guitar, Tommi Andrews on Bass and rounding out the band Eric Humbert hittin' the skins.  There are eleven arena ready tunes that you can sing along to just like in days gone by.  Up first is the anthem that will get you dusting of the air guitar called "I wanna be your Man",  next in line is the You Tube rebellious child titled "Baby Baby, Baby"  which you can find uncencored on NGTV.com.  Fours is "Gotta get Out" which is not as fast paced as the first two.  "Poison" is a song with plenty of guitars and a sing along chorus.  Half way through the CD is where the power ballad appears,  as the "Next Big Thing", it kinda spells out the desire of the band to become the next big thing. Number six is called "Tip of my Tongue",  which harkens back to the roudy days when Motley Crue ruled the airways.  Which then leads you into the almost mysterious intro of "Road to Destruction",  and driving primal beat that pulsates throughout the entire song.  Grant's clear vocals asking "Are you ready to Bleeeed"?  Finishing with a tight solo that is only leading to the stars broken by a final chorus of Road to Destruction!  Lucky 8 already!  "All Night"  is about finding the best girl at the party and being "the only one to go inside".  Taste that honey, taste that money, and become a "Slave" to number 9.  "From the Ashes of Sin" comes #10 complete with a blistering guitar solo leaving you wanting more.  More is not quite what you get on the last song "Long way Home" but it does ease you down and away from the CD with it's slow and acoustical journey.

  Most of the songs are around four minutes long which is typical of a album of this nature.  This is a great drinking album and don't be surprised if you hear any of the songs in your local strip club this year.   So, this was a bit of a break from my usual selections of complex loud and technical bands that have emerged on the metal landscape.  


Steve Rautner  02.01.2008
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