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  1. Every Ending has a BeginningÖThe dimensionless Monologue
2. Tedium (i)
3. The dimensionless Monologue (ii)
4. T.D.M. (iii)
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6. Apathia
7. Triumvirate
8. Movement
9. After the Movement
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11. The Fire around the Lotus
12. The living Continuum
13. A Monument to the Death of an Idea




Ben Harris-Hayes Ė Vocals & guitar

Shaun Rayment Ė Bass

Sam Street Ė Drums

ďThe Lost Orchestra:Ē Ė Pianos, Synthesizers, Extra Sounds and Orchestral Performance


ENOCHIAN THEORY: "Evolution: Creatio ex Nihilio"     enochian theory       


Release Date: August 3rd 2009

Produced By: Enochian Theory

Engineered By: Josh Eaves, Rich Tamblyn, Ross Gill & Enochian Theory

Recorded At: Ross Gill Studios (UK) The Old Black Smiths Studios (UK) & Ethereal Tantrum Studios (UK)

Mixed & Mastered At: Ghostward (Sweden) by David Castillo

preview by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 

I had to wait to when it was rainy.


          Warning: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS CD WHEN ITíS BRIGHT AND SUNNY OUT! Youíve been warned; itís like mixing a shot of vinegar with a glass of water, it just doesnít work. This is not to be insulting to the band in any form! When I first got this CD, it was warm and sunny outside. And all I wanted to do was rock. When Enochian Theory (ET) came on my iPod, I had to stop what I was doing because it didnít blend in with my chipper mood. If I kept listening to it, I would have hated it, and thatís not fair to the band.


            I had to wait to when it was rainy to listen to this CD because I felt it would have been inappropriate to listen to the album in any other environment. All attempts to listen to this band at night resulted in wanting to put on Sepultura instead; which is pretty normal for me on a 24-hour basis. When I finally gave it a chance at a real listen, I found myself comparing it to Katatonia. Now, I loath reviews where the reviewer (Iíve done this too, not to be a hypocrite) compares the band they are reviewing, to another band because most of the time, the article is simply all about that. I promise, this wonít be one of those reviews! But the closest comparison to ET is Katatonia with higher pitched vocals and not as heavy or catchy. Just to give you an idea on what the band kind of sounds like.


            That being said, ET is a gothic metal band. Although, there are aspects of the CD that are metal, where there are distorted guitars and growling vocals but they are very far and few between. Most of the album is made up of synth, clean electric guitars, and drumming that precise. Being that Iíve been listening to the CD with headphones as opposed to a car stereo, I canít tell what the bass was doing.


            One of the things I question about the CD is how the first two tracks are presented. Itís been my experience that the most crucial moment of a bandís first CD, is how the first few songs are going to sound. Itís typical for any metal band to have a mysterious introduction before the music kicks in. This has been done since the 70ís, so I expected the 2nd track, ďTediumĒ to be a somewhat rocking song. It wasnít. Instead, it was trying to set the mood for the whole CD. Kind of melancholic with a hint of metal that slow enough to try to paint a giant gray picture of something gothic. At first I hated it because it was so slow. It didnít make me want to listen to the rest of the CD. I did anyway though and the funny thing is, the first guitar chord Harris-Hayes played that turned me off, ended up in my head as I was listening to the rest of the album. Now, thatís tricky! Not every band can pull that off.


            Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio, is kind of hard to listen to on an individual song basis. I wouldnít go as far as saying that all the songs sound the same, they donít. They have similar themes and they all blend together, but each track is quite unique, but not enough stand out to say that track 7 is the song I want to listen to all the time. The album, I believe, is meant to be listened to as a whole. If youíre a fan of Katatonia or Opeth then youíll like this band a lot. As for a broad audience liking this, I donít see it, but the same could be said about the bands I just mentioned too.  My only real complaint is how and where itís listened to. If I had a car, I couldnít listen to this, or if Iím playing a sports game on Playstation, or working out, or doing anything where Iím doing something else as I am listening to this. I could argue that the Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio demands to be listened to and not to be easily dismissed.


            To end this review, the album has layers of sound that makes this worth listening to if youíre into slow, gothic music where the band is trying to paint something melancholic, grandiose, and complex. The album does have something to say and itís not completely random and that shows the band and its music are focused. When a band has that going for them, better things will come out of the band in time.

rating: 7/10  



Matthew Haumschild   07.06.2009

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at and  on

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