Got To Have Faith

Start From The Dark



Wake Up Call


Song No. 12

Roll With You


Spirit Of The Underdog


Settle For Love


Joey Tempest - Vocals
John Norum - Guitar
Mic Michaeli - Keyboards
Ian Haughland - Drums
John Leven – Bass

EUROPE: "Start from the Dark"          europe                                            T&T – Noise Records 

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

After all news heard about their return...Finally. I 've the pleasure to present you the new Europe album!!!! Joey tempest & John Norum...again together for this project that save the name of the band, the old line-up but not the music of the past!!!!

It's a new sound that we listen to in this new cd...and the title of this cd seems to be perfect......or I should say that the title of this album is just perfect!!! 12 obscure songs in which John Norum shows a completely different way to play the guitar!!!!The riffs guitar are very heavy and take inspiration from Zakk Wylde, if it's necessary to make a comparison, but not only him! There’s a touch of modern alternative metal mixed to obscure visions...there aren't pure heavy-hard song with that typical melody that was a mark in 80's, and if sometimes there' a touch of old Europe, it's only in the few slow songs (except the last one)!



Listening to the first song....it's hard to think that Joey Tempest is singing and John Norum is playing' guitar!! "Got to have Faith" is a power -alternative metal song in which the band shows its new style in a perfect way!!!!A good and involving guitar riff supported by the rhythmic session and the good vocals by Joey Tempest!

The title-track "Start from the Dark" starts with a dark oriented but more melancholic acoustic guitar arpeggio...the powerful  electric guitar riff is an obscure alternative metal song played by Norum with a perfect style!!! The melody of the song is very sad and full of melancholy!!!

"Flames" don't change style! It’s another power sad alternative metal song...the melody seems  miles away from their old ones and Joey Tempest confirms to be a great singer although he sings in a different way comparing with the past ! His new style is in according with the new sound of this album!

"Hero" shows a shadow of old Europe! It's a ballad that could remind of something listened in "Prisoners in Paradise "! A very agreeable melody...and this is the confirm that melody is still running in their veins!  


"Wake up Call" is pure alternative obscure rock in which I notice a good refrain, but nothing amazing.

There are also not convincing songs!! "Reason" is one of them, "America" ....and also "Song No.12"..that in my opinion is of the most unsuccessful song of this new release. My impression is that they've created it without a exact idea!

"Run with you" is another involving sad ballad that begins in a very sad way and goes on with a touch of melancholy in which Joey Tempest shows how much is able to give a great emphasis in slow songs!

I also underline "Spirit of the Underdog" that shows their new mark in a good way and the acoustic rock of "Seattle for Love" that seems so far from the rest of the album and remind me of  Keith Urban or Bad Company.


We can't ask for listening to another "The final countdown"...in 2004! Probably if they would have released another hard-rock similar to their old release it wouldn't have been something that belongs to them now!!! The music of this album is played and composed  with love by a band that has grown up so ...Let's enjoy "Start from the dark"!


rating: 7.5/10


Salvo  Russo  
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