Going Under
Bring Me To Life
Everybody's Fool
My Immortal
Taking Over Me
My Last Breath
Amy Lee - Vocals
Ben Moody - Lead Guitar
John LeCompt - Guitar
Rocky Gray - Drums

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release date 03.04.2003



preview-review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____________ 


Boys and girls...what a wounderful band!!!!!
This american band is ready to became one of the most important 2003 bands. This debut album is something special...and i'm sure that many people will be surprised by the sound created by this young band. Can you image Lacuna Coil and Linkin Park to play a song together?Ok...Listen to "Bring me to life"...where the classic nu-metal joins the deepness of gothic... Amy's voice is very similar to that one of Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) !!!!!! Evanescence are the protagonist of DAREDEVIL's soundtrack with two songs:  "Bring me to life" and "My immortal", a very fantastic song composed at the  piano in which Amy's voice is getting more romantic.....
There are 11 songs in this cd....and in all of them there's deepness, romanticism, and a special atmosphere.....
"Missing"is proposed with a special emphasis, while the new version of "Whisper" is  harder and very good arranged.
 The song listed here as "Tourniquet" is actually a cover of "My Tourniquet" by Soul Embraced, and is another fantastic song, while from the bottom of the heart comes...."Hello", one special ballade. The Piano is used in many songs....and the melodies are perfect, Evanescence have understood that the atmospheres and  Amy's voice are their strength and even if there no technicalism there's a special groove in all of these songs........what may i say?..we have to wait, this album will be out on 3.4.2003!!!!BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!

Salvo Russo 

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