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Give ‘em the Sleeper

Brave Reality

New Friend Request

Gerald Did What

I Can See My House from Here

The Thunder

I Say You He Dead

The Smell of Summer

Tonight is the Night We Ride


Andrew – Vocals
Jason – Bass
Craig – Guitar & Vocals 
Joshua – Guitar 
Chris – Drums
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review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ Matthew Haumschild


The cover is drawn as the music is made

Matthew Haumschild


At first I’d like to use the cliché "never judge a book by it’s cover" or, in this case, don't judge a CD by the silly name of the band or the silly names for songs. However, one of the things that really bugged me about this CD is the length of it. It’s less than 30 minutes long! I would probably consider this a quick sharp attack of 75% hardcore and 25% action musicianship a it's…well…finest? I guess if I was givin a half hour to write music complete with song names and I was completely drunk I might come up with something similar. It’s strange because it’s hard as hell in most spots like a hardcore band then the band switches gears and becomes a modern rock band. I know, it sounds confusing yet strangely additive. However, one of the problems I have with this CD is the same problem I see in hardcore today, and that’s vocals nobody can understand without a lyric sheet. Biohazard, the godfathers of hardcore, seems to be the only hardcore band that has transcended this barrier. However, I must point out as well that the timber and the sheer melodic tone that comes from "Andrew" is very good. Not the best, but still very good and it sounds like it could compete with some of the bands I have heard, not quite as good as Speed Strid, but good none the less. Overall it’s a decent CD. Would I buy it? Well…if I was 17. It’s not bad at all it clearly doesn’t suck. There aren’t solos, the guitars sound great and the drums are adequate. The bass I could kind of hear but again, the CD wasn’t too bad.       

  rating: 7/10 




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