Killer from the Deep

Dawn of Destruction


The Living Dead

All Hallows Eve





Matt Drake - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Ol Drake - Lead Guitar

Mike Alexander - Bass

Ben Carter - Drums 

EVILE: "All Hallows Eve"  EP           evile                               not signed


Recorded at performance Studios, Huddersfield. Produced, mixed and mastered by Alan Smith. 

Artwork by Lee Gaskin, USA

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   


A "militia" of their own: stormbringers with a melodic heart. 


Evile: massive yet  dynamic and rich Thrash from United Kingdom. Metal Militia, a young Metallica- tribute -band, becomes Evile:  brothers and founders Matt and Ol Drake, together with  their band- mates, after 3 years of playing mainly Metallica covers,  have now created a "militia" of their own, composing their own songs. A mature musical development  that co-occurs with the change of moniker.   Their  EP " "All  Hallows Eve" marks definitely the presence of this new  Thrash entity and lets understand once more how vital is now the Britannic underground scene. The influences coming from Metallica and Testament, but also Annihilator, Kreator and Slayer, are very  evident, too evident, nonetheless i must say that Evile  deliver a fusion of all these influences and ideas of their own enhanced by a formidable capacity to come up with effervescent lead guitar solos, so near to the vigorous American taste (clearly a soft spot for Deicide).  And not only: in fact good melodies and bone -breaking pounding rhythmic riffs, combined with enjoyable tempo changes, sustain  the mood.  Oh yes the mood: passing effortlessly  from fast rhythms to pounding hammering  mid tempo's (good drumming too), they make us live again that unique atmosphere's of the giants of Thrash of the 80's and first 90's ,  matching a more modern taste nevertheless. Some  young German  bands too are trying a similar path, 'cause, after all,  many people are still missing so badly That kind of Thrash. But...how to make something new out of old golden times? Evile adopt those schemes that made Metallica & Co. big  : an implacable yet catchy Thrash intensified by  unpredictable passages and attractive melodic breakdowns. These features made the "old-skool" Thrash varied, impossible to resist,  though  always logical and coherent. Evile add to all this the  uptodate  hunger for heaviness and inexorability. Of course  Metallica's  or Testament's peaks from "...And Justice for all", or "Master of  Puppets" or "The new Order" are not topped, but just let Evile grow and becoming  more and more original, they are still so young  and play so well ,  if they keep up the good work they could lead a platoon of new bands that can  propose the spirit of the  80's   in  the 21th century. This is the point however, how to be heirs of the Thrash Masters, though showing a fresh vein. Concerning this EP,  the songs Prophecy and  All Hallows Eve could be the answer. Prophecy  shows the appeal of old Metallica but a mid tempo that could mature into a kind of modern Thrash/ Hardcore , moreover its unstoppable galloping,  which collapses finally into heavier bulldozing slowness,  its simply brilliant. Prophecy (suitable title!) is indeed, together wit the title track All Hallows Eve, suitable for  the forthcoming future.  Killer from the Deep is very articulated, it begins with a tremendous old school mid tempo riff , going on  as a relentless storm, enriched by thrilling solos and enormous typical thrash pulse, slowing down and then taking off faster again. Dawn of Destruction mixes Metallica and Testament, delivers an imposing/virtuoso melodic instrumental "morceau" (remarkable the bass work  and the guitar passageworks ) that  could be defined as a cool done prog element, amazingly not boring, not pretentious and not excessive long,  in the wake of the best Metallica/Annihilator melodic lines. The living Dead begins as a totally drum- fueled devil's cadence and goes on in the wake of  Metallica's The God that failed/Eye of the Beholder

But the "champion" of this EP is, in my opinion,  All Hallows Eve: filled up with new  vibes of Thrash, the glorious past patterns are here just only a good echo. Like it should be. Enhanced by wonderful lead virtuoso, All Hallows Eve  is  based on a rocking vibrating mid/uptempo that takes no prisoners. Sparkling , strong, refreshing, so is All Hallows Eve

Torment is instrumental and the memories go obviously to Testament and to the melodic chords of Metallica's " Ride the Lightning" era; haunting, intense but sorrowful.


This EP is simply gratifying for all old school Thrashers who, all the same,  love the new massive sounds of today also. Concerning  Evile' s  career this is a really  awesome first step.  If it's true that composing  should improve in originality, and that Matt's vocals must become even more energetic , getting rid of  a certain Hetfield "attitude",  it is also very true that all six tracks are pleasant and enjoyable, played  brilliantly and exactly. Evil  are already now stormbringers and lethal assaulters, with a melodic heart. They are naturally talented.  They could make the young UK thrash again.  And then, it would be interesting in future to see Evile play in the  Thrash- titan Germany, where the evolution of Thrash  is particularly diversified and, at times, very modern and aggressive.  It would be an exciting  confrontation.  



rating: 8/10  


dalia di giacomo

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