Weary and Wretched
To the Fallen
Now That I Die
The Funeral




Anders Eek - Drums
Kjetil Ottersen - Vocals, Synth & Piano
Christian Loos - Guitars

FALLEN: "A Tragedy's bitter End"         Aftermath Music 


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___                


A triumph of melancholy over the righteous 


With a triumph of melancholy over the righteous, A Tragedy's Bitter End is a cold a grey doom project that exemplifies the Fallens' mature sound. As from brief reading has shown that they have reincarnated themselves from another band of good standing.

The album has quality's that I like including long song that are filled with depth and a good arrangement of instruments and vocals. The first song, Gravdans, introduces you to the band dark and sorrowful world with a 10+ minute song. Your are then guided into a 14 and a half minute Weary and Wretched followed by a great instrumental called aptly, To the Fallen . The next song Morphia, starts with a grinding guitar that works it way through an atmospheric tune haunted by some equally haunting lyrics. Now that I Die, leads you cautiously through a 17+ minute forest of twisted guitars, synth and drums with vocals that appear out of the fog of night harmonic and chilling. Right into the final song The Funeral which is another instrumental made up simply of a hauntingly beautiful piano. Brilliant!

This CD is a bit along the classic Doom arrangement and I tend to want more with it like some of the newer hybrids of extreme metal that mix genres (i.e. Gothic-Death-Doom), because I think it takes the listener further in the music. This band has proven me wrong and has done a great job on arrangement of this long awaited album. Fans will not be let down.

rating:   8/10


Steve Rautner
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