For The World To Sing

Like Jesus Wept

Once And For All

Where The Sun Never Shines


In My Darkest Hour

Stay Like This Forever

The Other Side

What A Feeling Like

Trail Of Tears

Home Is Where The Stars Are

Get Crucified


Matthias Sayer - vocals
Alex Scholpp - guitar
Dennis Hummel - keys

Toni Ieva - bass

Till Hartmann - drums


FARMER BOYS: "The other Side"        farmer boys     

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  

After half and three years Farmer Boys comes back with another release, the first under Nuclear Blast!!! The sound is not changed, comparing it to the previous release in which the band mixed Nu-metal riffs and melodic refrains! In 2000 the single "Here comes the Pain" was a very important step for this band ; a powerful Nu-metal song with a intense melodic and "romantic" refrain; an unusual way to make song......and thanks to this originality , they become very famous among Metallers!

This album gets new sensations but wholly I can admit that the essence of it is not far from the previous release. Melodies are  stronger and less romantic if compared with the previous release, but attention.....If you don't know Farmer Boys, I underline that their sound is completely different from Nu-metal bands like Linkin Park!!!

"For the World to sing" is a decaying Nu-metal song in which the I notice a very trash sound, mixed with an evident Nu-metal influence...and all the songs gets this kind of charm; "Like Jesus wept" delivers a beautiful refrain  in which Matthias is able to show his deep sensibility, on the contrary "Once and for all" is a very hard song in which the band shows all  their powerful !!! Listening to this album it's impossible not to find something similar to the latest Dream Theater and Metallica concerning the guitar riffs, and some rhythmic structures, but the essence of Farmer Boys' sound are the melancholic refrains that give an amazing taste. A different way to compose Nu-metal songs that could find something similar with the latest Disturbed album that gets also an evident melodic touch!!! Alex Scholpp is able to create a lot of good riffs, and sometimes I notice an evident new-wave influence...try to listen the single " Stay like this forever" that is full of 80's synth-effects and gets a melancholic new-wave melody! In my opinion there are also some mediocre songs: "Where the Sun never shines" is an example !!! It seems one of the usual alternative rock song in which Matthias tries to give a bit of feeling into a not particular good structure song...

But the band is able to give us very intense emotions....Try to listen the ballad "In my darkest Hour"; a very melancholic song that begins in a very sad way with a suffered guitar arpeggio, the refrain gets all the lyric' sadness  , and it's impossible to not mention a singer like Matthias Sayer , that in my opinion is more than a good singer; he's able to give a particular and personal interpretation and I can't but admit that he gets a very personal style!

Farmer Boys are able to amaze us ...try to listen "What a feeling like" that begins like a strong alternative song, but it shows a very intense and romantic refrain......

"Trail of Tears" is a fair alternative rock song; an easy-structure and an easy-listening refrain....the most "easy-listening" song of this album!!!!  

But for me the best song of this album is " HOME IS WHERE THE STARS ARE". It begins with a gothic chorus.....the song then gets an unforgettable Nu-metal refrain , and its melody is without a shadow of doubt ..one of those you can't forget!!!!!....This is the example of what Farmer Boys are!

The album closes with another fair song. A forgettable refrain, but, in this song, I underline all the ability of Alex (guitar player)!  

This album represents another important step in Farmer Boys’ career and I'm sure that all those who like a modern metal mixed to melodic visions will love it....


Rating: 8/10  

Salvo  Russo    

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