Blasphemy: Winds Of The Black Gods (Intro)

Sarcofago: Satanic Lust

Celtic Frost: Dawn Of Megiddo

Nattefrost: Sluts Of Hell

Mercyful Fate: Evil

Sodom Burst: Command Til War

Tormentor: Elisabeth Bathori

Aura Noir: Blood Unity

Destruction: Curse Of The Gods

Samael: Into The Pentagram

Bulldozer: Whisky Time

Mayhem: Freezing Moon

Hellhammer: The Third Of The Storms

Burzum: Ea, Lord Of The Deeps

Venom: Warhead

Bathory: Dies Irae




FENRIZ PRESENTS...: "The best of Old-School Black Metal"         peaceville

release date  20th September 2004  

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution     


preview - review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___           

Fenriz is not only the most known post-office clerk of Norway, he’s also the drummer of one of the most important Black Metal-bands from the second generation: Darkthrone. And this compilation is his personal tribute to the true gods of Black Metal, the creators of this cult, this art and this expression of hate, misanthropy, satanism and heathen thoughts. Bands like Celtic Frost (from Switzerland!!), Samael (dito!), Mercyful Fate, Bathory (R.I.P. Quorthon!) and Venom, which were and are the inspiration of uncountable following bands, such as Mayhem, Burzum, Aura Noir or Nattefrost, which all also spent a song for this fantastic and honest compilation.

The journey starts with the dark and mysterious intro “Winds Of The Black Gods” from the Canadian Blashemy, a perfect introduction for the things to come. Then finally, the first song starts, “Satanic Lust”, from the Brasilian Sarcofage, who play a mixture of harsh Black and aggressive, bangy Thrash Metal, think of newer bands like the Swedish Nifelheim. Imagine, this song was written in 1987, when myself was only one year old! This is Black Metal-history!! Already in this song, you can feel the atmosphere of this time, it was new, special and extreme, something the world never heard before. Everyone who is in extreme Metal should know the following band: Celtic fucking Frost!Dawn Of Meggido” from the cult-classic-album “To Mega Therion” (1985) is a midtempo-crusher with slow parts, but again important is the atmospere. Hell, this is morbid and destroying! And Tom G. Warriors voice is absolutely incredible, brutal and forceful.

Let’s jump now to the year 2004 and to Hellcommander Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest) and the blasting “Sluts Of Hell” from “Blood & Vomit”. Nattefrost play “True Primitive Narrow-Minded Black Metal" and this is the best description for the sound. Pushing, raw, but fat guitars, infernal fast drums and a hysteric and high screaming voice. And text-parts like “Sluts Of Hell – Cunts Of Evil – Sluts Of Hell – Slave Of Satan” are primitive, but true and old-school.

Okay, back to the year 1983 and to the album “Melissa” from Mercyful Fate. “Evil” is the opener and one of the best tracks I ever heard so far. The music is pure Heavy Metal, NWoBHM-riffs, soli and classic drums. But this feeling, this obscure atmosphere: For the first time in Metal, there was this satanic, this occult aspect, this evil in the music, which defined Black Metal. And King Diamond has without doubt the most characteristic voice in the whole Metal-world, higher isn’t possible, with the maximum of expression and with so much feeling in it… Unbelievable!

Sodom Burst are more simple, I never heard of this band, I also don’t know if they still exist or not, but their sound is great, they have some punky influences, most of all in the way the drums are played. “Command Til War” Is pure old-school and the biggest and most importants influences are certainly Venom.

Very different from Sodom Burst are the Hungarian Tormentor: Freezing, cold guitars, the way the guitars sounded in the Nordic 90s and the special, aggressive, raw and scolding voice of well-known Attila Csihar. “Elisabeth Bathori” starts with accoustic guitars and is always in midtempo, dark, majestic, epic, with a fantastic atmospheric part. The song is taken from “Anno Domini”, which was released in 1988 and reminds a bit to Bathory’s “A Fine Day To Die”, only slower.

Blood Unity” from the Norwegian band Aura Noir is ten years elder. The trio has a lot of German Thrash Metal-elements in its sound, most of all from Destruction. Because of that, the production is very good and the riffs are simple, but melodic and effective. The best thing in “Blood Unity” (from the album “Deep Tracts Of Hell”) are the lead guitars in the middle of this excellent headbanger and the shrill, fast and virtuous guitar-solo at the end, which sounds kind of spacy. Already now I can say, that “The Best Of Old School Black Metal” is an absolutely fantastic compilation which will not be topped any more again.

Well, I was talking about Destruction and here’s the song of the German Cult-thrashers: “Curse The Gods” (1986, from “Eternal Devastation), the opening song of every Destruction-concert. This trinkling guitar-intro, then the pounding and heavy, slow riffs, then the tempo-changes and of course Schmier’s characteristic, authentic voice – an absolutely classic. I know that Destruction aren’t Black Metal (and of course Fenriz also knows this), but bands like Darkthrone or Mayhem were very much inspired by German Thrash like Destrucion or also Sodom, so that’s why “Curse The Gods” is on this compilation. It really deserves its place!!

There was a time when Samael used to play pure Black Metal, and “Into The Pentagram” from the EP “Medieval Prophecy” (1989) is like that. Hateful , aggressive True Black Metal, with a great rhythm (bang that head that doesn’t bang!) and the infernal screaming, dark and satanic voice of Vorph. Samael, please listen to “Into The Pentagram” and go back to your roots…

Hehe, I like Bulldozer! The band is pure Speed-Punk, you just have to listen to this funny drum-intro. Then simple riffs in the vain of the Sex Pistols or the Ramones appear, and you just have the feeling that you immediately have to dance pogo. Yeah, it’s fucking “Whisky Time”!! The song is on the album of the year 1985, called “Day Of Wrath”. Unfortunately, the Italian trio has split up some time ago. But that doesn’t destroy the alcoholic feeling of this great song!

Again very different are Mayhem, and EVERYBODY who can spell Black Metal should now “Freezing Moon” from “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” (1994), the last album of Euronymous before he was killed by Varg “Count Grishnack” Vikernes (fuck you!!). The very special thing is that victim and murderer play together on this album, because Mayhem had no bassman at the time and so Varg did the job. Hellhammers granatic and destroying drums and the totally sick voice of Attila Csihar (remember Tormentor) make “Freezing Moon” to a hymn of True Norwegian Black Metal, with this typical atmosphere of being down, life-unlust, self-destruction, war and death. Very, very impressive. Hail Euronymous!

Hellhammer are the former band of Celtic Frost, and so their sound logically reminds to old sound of the followers. Hellhammer had a lot of Speed and Doom elements in their sound and they were one of the inventors of the shrill feeping guitars. “The Third Of The Storms” is a short song, fast, aggressive and was originally recorded for the legendary demo-tape “Satanic Rites”. Ahhh, I want to go back to the year 1986 now!!

Varg Vikernes may be the biggest nazi-asshole of the Black Metal-scene, but the music on the first Burzum-albums is Black Metal par excellence. Depressive, cold melodies, simple drums and the hysteric and inhume voice of Count Grishnackh (or Graf Quisling, how he’s calling himself nowadays) make “Ear, Lord Of The Deeps” to another cult-classic on Fenriz’ compilation. 1992. That was the time when Black Metal was still new, rough, extreme and without any compromise. By the way, “Era, Lord Of The Deeps” is taken from the self-titled first album of the one-man-project.

And then the gods themselves, the Britain heros Venom, the founders of the style Black Metal. Cult, pure cult! Rock’n’rolly guitars, the shouting voice of Cronos and the simple, but most effective ability of the musicians, which is one of the trademarks of the trio. Yezzz!!! The single “Warhead” is from the year 1984, hm, I wasn’t already born then.

The fantastic end of this incredible compilation makes our brother Quorthon, who left Midgard and is now in Odin’s hall Valhalla. R.I.P.!!! “Dies Irae” was taken from “Blood Fire Death” (1988) which is one of the most important albums in the evolution of Black, Viking and Pagan Metal. Quorthons great voice is absolutely original, full of hate, and the underground-production and the freezing, cold, brutal guitars became standards in the world of extreme Metal. A little masterpiece and a super end of a compilation which is a duty for every fan of extreme Metal! Hail the gods of Black Metal!!!

rating: 666, eh,   10/10


Boris Witta

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