10/04/2004 -  18/04/2004

  1. Vinfärd/ Människopesten

  2. Eliytres

  3. Fiskarens Fiende

  4. Trollhammaren

  5. Nattfödd

  6. Ursvamp

  7. Marknadsvisan

  8. Det Iskalla Trollblod

  9. Grottans barn

  10. Rök


Wilska - Vocals

B. Dominator - Drums

Trollhorn - keyboards
Tundra - Bass
Skrymer - Guitar
Routa - Guitar


FINNTROLL: "Nattfödd"            finntroll                    English translation of lyrics


reviews by Matt Haumschild and Boris Witta

preview - review by Matthew "Matt" Haumschild___

release date Europe 19th April 2004

Finntroll is definitely a band that is full of originality. With a deadly mixture of Finnish Folk music, polka, and death metal they have alot of tools at their disposal. Natfödd also marks the debut for Finntroll’s new singer Wilska, after the original singer Katla came down with some sort of throat disease. Finntroll has been out of the scene since 2002 which to me is just too damn long. Here is my synapsis:

Vinfärd/ Människopesten
After an unnecessarily long introduction, guitars kick in and literally start ripping your face off! The first thing I notice of the bat is that the guitars sound different they did from their previous effort, but sound good nonetheless. And I am happy to report that the accordions are back and they sound awesome! This first track is classic Finntroll work. Everyone should hear this song, it’s heavy, it’s fast paced, and their new singer sounds just as good if not heavier than the previous singer. It could be misinterpreted that this sounds like all the other Finntroll tracks, it does, but it sounds great!

This track put a smile on my face. When I hear the intro, I picture music playing at a bar mitzvah or some sort of party where I am saying “UUMPA!”. I’m serious! this song has an unusual upbeat to it until you hit the 1 minute mark then it manages to go into the death metal realm. Through the entire song it does this, it goes from power metal/folk music to death metal. A very interesting track, especially to drive to. 

Fiskarens Fiende
Another thing you don’t hear much in music anymore...in the begining of this song, there is a descending minor scale on piano which to me sets the tone for the entire song. This song reminds me of Halloween for whatever reason. The overall harmonies sound very Scandinavian in nature. Very folk like. You could dance to this song, it’s like Renaissance Celtic music on steroids. 

A little slower of a track, I liked the change up in the drum beats and throughout the whole song. Very dark sounding it almost sounds like a Dimmu Borgir song in imaging as if you could only hear this song at night.

Grottans Barn
Much slower more on the melancholy side almost as if you're singing standing off a cliff. You could almost hear the anger within the singer's voice as he is singing the lyrics. Every note in this song was methodically produced, you could tell just being listening to the drums. This song has a certain precision to it that most songs lack in today's music. 

Hearing most of the same melody via accordion/keyboards gets kinda monotonous, but over all this album was very tight. The singing was over the top, the guitars made you want to go out and bash a few walls in and the drumming was exceptional. This is classic Finntroll as I ever heard it. If you want to speed in your car to a certain CD, use the first couple tracks of this CD. You will not be disappointed. 

rating:  8/10 


Matthew "Matt" Haumschild 
preview - review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___    

Yeah, the trolls are back! "Nattfödd" joins seamless to "Jaktens Tid". Raw Black Metal, mixed with folky and just trollish Humpa, with Finnish folk sound, with melodies, which seem to come out of the dark Finnish forests. The music of Finntroll gives the listener a lot of force, a lot of joy of life, and when I heard the second song Eliytres for the first time I just felt to have to dance now, because the song starts like a classic dance, like a Polka for example. Vindfärd is an atmospheric, perfect introduction and gives the listener the feeling to be somewhere in Finland, it's cold, it's snowy, you are out in the nature - and then starts Människopesten, aggressive, midtempo, but suddenly a dancy rhythm, blowers, high screams. In the middle appear beautiful, emotional keyboard melodies, before the song turns again and again. Great show! I already said something about the following Eliytres. This song is faster, there are lots of blastbeats, perfectly harmonizing with the typical Humpa-melodies. Very good to bang! 

Also a typical thing for Finntroll is that when you listen to their songs, you sometimes have the feeling that something's very disharmonic, but this is a particular, important detail of Finntroll's sound.

Fiskarens Fiende has a catchy accordion and a great, dramatic and roaring chorus. I think this could become a live classic. In the middle of the song, there's a funny "Lalalalala"- sing-along part, then the chorus comes again. 

Trollhammaren sounds a bit like a Medieval Metal song, with ancient melodies and a feeling of old castles and glory battles. Also some feely guitars don't miss, and Trollhammaren changes between hard, raw parts and parts full of happy melodies. 

The titletrack is darker and more melancholic, kind of majestic and also the longest song on "Nattfödd". The song is dominated by great string arrangements, which sound like a real orchestra. A dreamy acoustic part in the middle, before the lead melody grows and Finntroll show why they're such an original, good band.

The following Ursvamp is short and fast, and one more perfect to dance unrestrained. Also this song could be perfect to perform it live, and also the melody - you can hear many different instruments - is once more great.

Marknadsviasn is very special: we are on a market-place, and suddenly two trolls appear, make a lot of chaos and act very indecent, and because of that there's one minute of blasting, hateful Black Metal. Short but effective!

Then Det Iskalla Trollblod, again happy melodies, sounding like an accordion and reminding of ancient times. I' m asking myself whether these melodies come from real instruments or if they are just samples, because they sound really "real". Again great to let your mind rot, with a"Hey, hey" end.

The final track, Grottans Barn, starts oriental, but then it turns into a typical Finntroll-hymn. Changing vocals, once kind of clear, then again screamy. Mostly Grottans Barn is very solemn and hymnic, with atmospheric keyboards. Some high and dramatic screams accompany this very well. No blastbeats at all, the song ends slow and with a feeling that it's over now. 

The acoustic outro Rök is melancholic, but beautiful. Just an acoustic guitar, some nature sounds and blowing wind. A perfect end of a very good album. 

rating:  8.5/10 

Boris Witta

English translation of lyrics  by  Ville Kuoppamäki  aka. G1 

Vindfärd = Windjourney 

Människopesten = The Human Pest/Plague 

The plague came from the South. 
A thousand years ago. 
Rats of the false faith. 
Corpses and death. 
With souls so black. 
As the nightly sky. 
We chase them away. 
Every time. 
We fight 'til dawn. 
When every troll has fallen. 
The Human Plague. 
Has no place here. 
The ground is colored red. 
By Christian scum. 
Let the bloodbath begin: 
DIE, HUMAN PLAGUE! (=*the* human pest/plague) 
With blood and fire. 
Are we baptized. 
Ice and iron. 
Created our cradle. 
We ride with wolves. 
To the fight again. 
Human flesh. 
It tastes the most. 
The ground is colored red. 
By Christian scum. 
Let the bloodbath begin: 
With blood and fire. 
We cut them down. 
Shining blades. 
Quench their thirst. 
The human plague...has no place here. 
The human plague...shall be ripped apart. 


Burnmarked by the fire of hate. 
Wrath and Hate. 
The good life. 
Exists no longer on this Earth. 
Ancient might and the black power. 
The hand of the Troll-lord. 
I call by my side. 
To end the pestlife once and for all. 
So sing now with cold winds. 
Rise like dark shadows. 
Tear asunder the old chains. 
Eliytres awakens once more... 
Let blood and fire rain. 
Let me see the day. 
Then I will weep of happiness. 
When the whole world goes under. 
...the whole world goes under! 
Eliytres! Father! Give me power! 
Eliytres! Rivfader! (=Ripfather)! Give me death! 
And the tears flow. 
Tears of pain, fear. 
In sadness for decisions that have not been made. 

Fiskarens Fiende = The Fisherman's Enemy 

I heard a song from the deeps. 
Under the wave, the wave so high. 
The wind weeps like a woman with a dead child on her back. 
On her back! 
The seagoblin grants no mercy. 
He sings with cold winds. 
Humans flee like lambs. 
From the Seafolk's lot. 
The Dead Sea! 
Waves like blood! 
Then no God will help you. 
The Dead Sea! 
Waves like blood. 
Tonight we set out. 
We step forward tonight... 
Sing ancient songs! 
Row towards, towards your shores. 
Pillage your villages. 
The seagoblin grants no mercy. 
He sings with cold winds. 
Humans flee like lambs. 
From the threat of the Seafolk. 
The Dead Sea! 
Waves like blood! 
Then no God will help you. 
The Dead Sea! 
Waves like blood. 
Tonight we set out. 
The Fisherman's Enemy! 

Trollhammaren = The Trollhammer 

Among shadows rides a beast. 
Like a black tree. 
Grips tightly on a mighty hammer. 
Out for weak Christian blood. 
The Trollhammer sweeps again! 
Cut down, brother again! 
Hear the last shout - 
The Trollhammer is here! 
He is not a human. 
Not fragile and weak like you. 
You will be powerless. 
No eyes see your end. 
Since the darkness overtook. 
It is afraid of the frost's cold fingers. 
That take hold and kill. 
Under the coming winter night. 

Nattfödd = Nightborn 

Black arts and magical forces. 
Tonight I will take the one who was once mine. 
I'll suck the life out. 
Blow to ancient ash... 
Ancient ash! 
I am the darkness of the world. 
I am the deadly water. 
I am the lifeblood. 
You shall be tortured for your crimes. 
For your crimes! 
Scourged for your sins. 
Your sins to us all. 
You shall be punished for we would be healed. 
Your wounds shall give us forgiveness. 
Forgiveness at last. 
I long for an end. 
But know not how it will happen. 
The time has finally come. 
I am the darkness of the world. 
I am the deadly water. 
I am the lifeblood. 
You shall be tortured for your crimes. 

Ursvamp = Ancient Mushroom 

Fire burns in the woods. 
The kettle moves among shadows. 
Wild beasts dance around it. 
To begin the feast again. 
At dusk we walk lost in thought. 
Alone at the fire, the brothers are here. 
Awaken now Rivfader (=Ripfather) and give us understanding. 
The old father's words, words so true. 
"Ignite this light and turn to the mountains. 
Where the moon arises you will see. 
The truth so old, the truth so right. 
Go and give the people death and terror..." 
Through the murky woods we step forward. 
Through human lands we ride. 
The truth and wisdom we shall see. 
ANCIENT MUSHROOM ,give the trollfolk! 

Marknadsvisan = The market song 

It was a beautiful summer day. 
When there was a market. 
Aamund and Kettil decided to go check out new robes. 
When they walked past the forest they heard terrible noises from the bushes. 
The trolls were also on their way there 
The priests got it again and birds sang. 

Det Iskalla Trollblod = The Icecold Trollblood 

The battle against the human. 
Raged until the horn's call. 
The sun brightens, now everything is silent. 
The blood runs down the mountain. 
The most fearless ones, will now be risen to eternal life. 
The most ferocious ones. 
Will not be ignored. 
There is an afterlife. 
For those who are worthy. 
Where the meadhorns are never empty. 
For those who are brave. 
There we celebrate every night. 
The table overflows with drink and food. 
Under the eyes of an ancient Trollgod. 
We, who have the icecold Trollblood. 
Now we sing our drinksongs. 
To the power that never dies. 
From halls of Rivfader (=Ripfather) 
The sounds echo so all hear... 
There we celebrate every night. 
The table overflows with drink and food. 
Under the eyes of an ancient Trollgod. 
We, who have the icecold Trollblood. 

Grottans Barn = Children of the Cave 

Between black shadows there is a place without sun. 
Where the birds have never sung. 
A cursed folk lives under the Earth. 
Banished since long ago. 
"Now it is time to open the door that has been closed. 
Now we shall eat as wolves out in the lands of Man." 
Axes in their hands, rotten teeth in their mouths. 
The mass gathers at the forest's edge. 
The crows scream out of the dark deeps of the forest. 
"The children of the cave have come out" 
After a thousand moons the group moves forward food. 
No-one can now stop this hunger. 
Still away, but nearer than yesterday. 
Hear how they sing... 
Children of the cave! Hungry wolves! 
Children of the cave! 
The crows scream out of the darkest deeps of the forest. 
"The children of the cave have come out at last." 

Rök = Smoke 


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