The Way Of The Fist
The Bleeding
A Place To Die
The Devil's Own
White Knuckles
Can't Heal You
Death Before Dishonor
Meet The Monster




Jivan Moody - Vocals
Zoltan Bathory - Guitars
Jeremy Spencer - Drums
Matt Snell - Bass
Darrell Roberts - Guitars

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: "The Way of the Fist"     five finger death punch    

    Firm Music


review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___  


All out assault 

on your sanity.



Five Finger Death Punch is a band from Los Angeles, California and their new album The Way of the Fist will slam you into the new year with aggressive drums and driving guitars a bass groove that keep you on a short leash.  The vocals of Ivan Moody are loud and seething with anger that will punch you in the face, ranging from a clean to death style singing.  Zoltan Bathory on guitars was brought in from U.P.O. and was a driving force behing the creation of 5FDP.  Darrel Roberts another guitarist and Jeremy Spencer on drums were if you can remember, both played for the infamous W.A.S.P.  from the first wave of metal. So this can be considered a supergroup of metal minds with lots of experience combined in the fomation of this powerhouse.

Songs #4,9 & 10 are the slowest on ones on the CD – if slow can used because they are still heavy.  Otherwise, The Way of the Fist,  is an all out assult on your sanity, and as you can see by the song list it  is nothing comforting about the music or lyrics.  Unless, of course your satisfacton lies in raw, throat crushing, neck snaping, steel-toe to the gut, bloody good time!


The Way of the Fist was produced by Firm Music.  Toured with Korn and Hellyeah broke Billboard 200 in its first week stole #3 on Billboards New Artist/Heetseekers chart and finally “The Bleeding” has maintained a #40 slot on rock radio charts since the beginning.  Quite an array of conquests for this new band and this is just the first CD!  This band is SICK!!!!!!

rating: 8/10  


Steve Rautner   17.01.2008 
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