01. Razorbliss
02. Believe
03. Virago
04. Undying
05. Radium angel
06. Firedream
07. Ballad of a lonely god
08. Snakes of grey
09. Mine is the ocean
10. Maladine
11. Unspoken
12. Pitch black water
Helen Vogt - vocals
Benjamin Buss – guitars, programming
Frederic Lesny - bass
Stefan Gemballa - drums

FLOWING TEARS: "Razorbliss"           flowing tears               

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

This is the 6th CD for this German band, if we consider the band's whole production, and the third under Century Media’s contract. First of all I notice the important change of singer. Helen Vogt is the new singer but her voice is not far compared with the one of the previous front woman, Stephanie Duchene ! A fair voice, that keeps medium tones with a monotonous timbre. This album is nothing but a fair Gothic Metal release, and nothing is changed about the style played from them.


There are not very good songs, but neither very bad songs. If you like Melodic Gothic metal  the album can be listened from the first to the last song, but in my opinion sometimes it gets me bored, because they are not able to create a particular emphasis in their composition’s approach.


They get a good sound , made by good guitars and a powerful rhythmic session, but I notice a good but traditional arrangement in about all songs. Concerning the compositions, I can't but admit that the structure's songs not always are good. About melodies. my impression is that  they try to create unforgettable melodies, but the result is not good. 



In their previous album I appreciated a fantastic song ..."Merlin", but in this album there are only few valid ideas: I like "Unspoken" that gets a good sad atmosphere in which they're able to create an easy-song with a good refrain; "Undying" that is another good atmospheric song in which keyboards are able to evoke another sad and melancholic atmosphere. But they are not that successful in creating  good refrains......If I have to save something more I 'd say that another rather nice song is "Mine is the Ocean" in which I notice an electronic approach.  Concerning  some parts, i'd save also  "Believe" that doesn't get that  good refrain even if I notice a good atmosphere and a very good guitar sound. This kind of songs and, in general, this style need good refrains, because it's Melodic Gothic, on the contrary, I notice the lack of them!

Helen, from her side too, is not always is able to give  emphasis to the songs (and  I don't appreciate the mixing of the voice, that sometimes doesn't seem natural ),  but, like mentioned before,  also the musicians don't help her, because the music created seems to never change its structure, this is due to the lack of rhythmic session’ ideas.



On the whole, another fair album  but this result is not that satisfactory.


Rating: 6/10 
Salvo  Russo    
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