01. A Life All Mine (feat. ULVER's Trickster G)
02. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
03. Broken Glass
04. We Just Stopped Breathing
05. Golden Grounds
06. Jelena
07. You Learn About It
08. Souvenirs
09. Monsters
10. These Good People

Frank Boeijen - keyboards & programming   
Anneke van Giersbergen - vocals   
Hugo Prinsen Geerligs - bass   
Hans Rutten - drums & percussion   
René Rutten
- guitars  

THE GATHERING: "Souvenirs"          www.gathering.nl          Psychonaut Records
PREVIEW - release:  24th of February 2003 in Europe and 12th of March  in the USA

Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo_____________________________


Another masterpiece for this band that during these years has found a particular style, that has had his development with "If then else" 3 years ago. 
"Sovenirs" is more partcular ....the sound is very psychedelic and the atmospheres created will satisfy the evolved listeners ......
Gathering are very specialized to have a good use of eletronic parts that somentimes seem to join drum-n-base, dark and psychedelic music. Anneke's voice is unquestionable and I appreciate the good use of drumming that uses particular effects as other instruments as well.
The opener "These good people" is an atmospheric track, and melancholic melody joins the perfection of an arrangements in which Anneke's voice gives the best of itself.
Guitars become a bit more hard in the following "Even the Spirits are afraid" in which the guitars arefull of effects and, with a remarkable distorsion,support the beautiful and deep vocal melody...
Romantic atmospheres are involved in  "Broken Glass"...a classic Gathering-ballad...only they can compose one so particular. Many parts of this song...sometimes remind me the 70's film!!!!!
Another ballad is the following "You learn about it" in which Anneke gives a wunderful interpretation!!!!!!!!!! I love this song...it will be able to enter inside the hidden place of heart....your romantic place!
The title-track is another masterpiece in which the brilliant arrangements join the good choice of the sounds. Anneke is still the protagonist in this song...the example of what good music can be!!!!!!
Drum-n-base effects fill the following "Monster" in which the romantic and dark melody show us a mature band.....they are the top of this style ...and this is demonstration. The evolved sound of this album is shown also in "Golden Grounds" where the refinement of the arrangements meets the complexity of the structure's song.
Another perfect song is "A life all mine"....
There's nothing more to say...if you are an evolved listener and you like to listen to the true essence of music, this cd is for you, if you still think that it exists only Metal with hard and shrill voice...stay away from this masterpiece. THE GATHERING ...true exemple of this millenium's music, true exemple of evolved music
Salvo Russo  

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