Ked Som Isiel



Kreative Träume

Moderne Sklaven


Halle der Könige




Halle der Könige remix 

(by Fred Lang from 

Syntetic Solutions)


you can dl all samples + Halle der Könige remix at the official site

Roderick Zeig - vocals

Nathan Pancherel - guitar,  keys,  programming

Mladen Kuveždanin - bass

Pete Schuler - drums

GEZEITEN : "promo CD 2003"          gezeiten                

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

synopsis -  Brilliant mixture of Gothic/ Medieval/ New Wave, with a little  influence from  Rammstein too. Well performed and incredibly well (self) produced, mastered by Mr. Bruno Kramm from Das Ich.   There is the possibility to download all samples + the complete Halle der Könige remix, i suggest to take the opportunity cause this promo is a "kind of Magic" for everybody.

review -  Gezeiten in German means tides: "Flut" and "Ebbe", high and low tides which alternate 4 times every day, mainly driven by the gravitational force of the moon, but of the sun too. Therefore the cover art of this first quality production well describes this natural world that much acts as cosmic breath of our planet. Driven by the passion for Gothic and  Medieval/Renaissance/Ethno -atmospheres, here they are: the 4 Swiss Gezeiten, who deliver a Promo CD that is simply class. Full Gothic atmosphere meets Medieval in a powerful elegant mixture in which elements of poetry, epic, melody intertwine enjoyably. Gezeiten are never too bambastic or epic (sigh of relief!!) , nevertheless they are able to involve us in worlds of fantasy, history and feelings with a solid beauty. The beautiful synth elements are very far to be cyber/disco/techno cause they help the jump into emotionality and atmospheres. Vocals are impressive and always well cut into the yet imposing instrumentation. We could say that here In Extremo turn into Gothic with the same "verve" and temperament that Crematory had. If you consider that bands like Paradise Lost and Amorphis are an inspiration for Gezeiten, and that an attraction to the Gothic à la Vision Bleak and to Rammstein are present, you can surely imagine the richness (and cleverness) of this demo. In order to complete the picture, just think that this CD has been mastered by Bruno Kramm (Das Ich). Now you can definitely imagine how valid and charmant this promo can be! Indeed not only concerning music, but concerning production too the result is absolutely professional, and professional at the point that this album has no need to  envy  "signed" productions,... maybe the opposite could be true.

The tracks are five + 1 remix for more than half an hour of magic. Each song is varied enough but hold tight the logic and recurrent structure that makes of a song an entity with a well defined beginning, body and end. The opener Ked Som Isiel is formidable, with heavy guitars, decadent goth spirit , measured synth, only just a spicy medieval flair, powerful vocals, nice immediate catchiness. Ideal for every material and very normal occasion that happens to metalheads too, from driving to studying or simply for relaxing Ked Som Isiel is a track that will be very "attached" to your hi-fi's even if your not much into this style. 

More solemn, beginning typically medieval with a spoken intro, Kreative Träume takes us back indeed in times and ideals that were once upon a time, passionate and strong vocals become tender or angry, following feelings and adventures spoken in a German that seems so much "antique", due to a fascinating accent. 

Moderne Sklaven  (3/4 tempo) is successful to make something modern and fresh of ethno-pounding passages: simply outstanding.
Halle der Könige showcases a  typical Rammstein cadence and vocal timbre, united with minstrel theatrical solemnity and sadness. Everything embedded in exotic lines. A track that evokes mysterious sands and pounding force.
Demenzia combines some elements of modern New Wave with elegiac vocals and melodies, bursting then totally out with incisive and resolute rhythm. Excellent its bass lines, like nice is the piano throughout the whole promo.

In the end a "surprise":
Halle der Könige remixed by Fred Lang from Syntetic Solutions as bonus track ! 

Nathan Plancherel (Gitarre) und Mladen Kuveždanin (Bass) are active in Music since 1993 under the moniker "Collector". After experiences in Grindcore/Death direction, they followed more experimental inspirations; 1998 they changed the name in Gezeiten when vocalist Roderick Zeig joined the band,
while drummer Pete Schuler, who played in Amon and Messiah too, completed the line up then in August 2000. Gezeiten were born. Flood tide time!

Rating: 8.7/10


dalia di giacomo    

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