1. Realms of Apollyon
Twisted Predestined Swords (MP3)
3. Imperial Gnostic Domination
4. Riddle of the Nightwatchman
5. Hail to the Fire
6. Swine Hostess
Khristened in Blood and Fire (MP3)
8. Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy
9. Through the Eyes of the Serpent
10. Soul Enemies
Mist of Gallows Reign (MP3)
12. Victory Entranced
13. Dissecting the Heavens
14. Infernal Heretic Allegiance

Lord Magus Obliterater - bass and vocals

Grimlord Necrogouhl - guitars

Blasphemous Inferno - guitars

Lord Vistigium - drums


GNOSTIC: "Hatewar 666"            gnostic                         



Showcasing material spanning from 1997-2002


review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___       


Extreme aggressive BM which destroys every living around the next kilometers. 

This is what I call "underground-stuff". Real underground-stuff. Gnostic from Texas, formed in 1997 by Obliterater and Necroghoul (after Obliterater parted ways with Thornspawn) have a really obscure, mysterious image and aura. 

But let’s focus on the most important thing, and this is still the music: Hateful, chaotic and extreme aggressive Black Metal is the order, most of the time in a 150bmp per minute tempo, minimalistic riffing and cold, venomous “melodies” which destroy every living around the next few kilometers. 

“Hatewar 666” is a compilation, enhanced are all songs of the second demo “Bloodwars Of Heretic Supremacy” plus some very old tracks, “Swine Hostess” is from the very first demo “Vistigium De Monasterium”, and even some previously unreleased hymns have found their way to “Hatewar 666”, a title, which describes the philosophy, music and message of Gnostic straight to the point. 

In regard to the sound quality, you don’t have to expect a big, clean production, the posy of Gnostic seems to be: “First takes only!” But this kind of extreme art needs this rough, this destructive and crushing sound to spread its atmosphere. 

Of course the songs sometimes differ from each other because of the period in which they were created, nonetheless, “Hatewar 666” is harmonic in the meaning, the songs fit to each other and conclude to one opus. 

While the first three tracks show a maximum of rage and rawness, “Riddle Of The Nightwatchman” for example is very spheric, full of dark feelings and with the classical Black Metal-melodies, created by the freezing riffing guitars. Other songs like “Swine Hostess” are the absolute chaos, the ultimate destruction, the soundtrack to the final war. 

Vocals are most of the time a beasty screaming, sometimes supported by gory, deep and brutal background-growling. Don’t get me wrong: Gnostic’s music is not too simple, cool breaks like in “Khristened In Blood And Fire” or the Slayer-like guitarsolo in “Mist Of Gallows Reign” make sure, that this band doesn’t consists of dilettantes

The biggest inspirations are of course the “old” Black Metal-bands, their spirit is always present on “Hatewar 666”, think of bands such as (very old) Mayhem, VON, Sarcafago or even Blasphemy

Of course you have to be an underground-fanatic to be able to like Gnostic. Another point I like very much is the “Fuck off!”-attitude of this record, an attitude that bands like Darkthrone have perfected through the years. 

“Hatewar 666” is for old-school, true traditional Black Metal-maniacs only – well, mainstream-metallers would flee after hearing a second of this infernal compilation…


rating: 8/10  


Boris Witta 
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