1. “Shadows” - 5:11
2. “Post Mortem” - 5:52
3. “Echoes” - 5:10
4. “Snowfall” - 6:41
5. “First Day of Sun” - 3:37
6. “No Return” - 7:04
7. “Zodiac” - 5:41
8. “Remaining Light” - 5:30
9. “Shores of Orion” - 5:15
10. “Loss” - 10:51




Torsten Kinsella - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards 

Niels Kinsella - Bass, Guitars, Visuals

Lloyd Hanney - Drums, Synths

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT: "God is an Astronaut"   god is an astronaut      

                                                                                                                                          Revive Records

preview  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

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To be part of a beautiful dream.

An imaginary travel into the essence of emotions by the calm and the power…the sweetness and the wildness…all in a word: Emotional…

This is the right abject for the new work of this instrumental band that plays the most classic post-rock  with an intense execution of songs that will bring you into an intimate dimension…

Pure rock mixed to...dark…post-wave…progressive and I can’t but say ambient rock…this is the new work of God Is An Astronaut that is not far from the previous releases …but this is the confirmation of this good band that plays music for the soul…

If you travel by car…if you want to travel by your headphones or if you want to fill your room of emotions…don’t hesitate to listen to this album that can be interesting for all those who appreciate bands like…Katatonia, Klimt1918, Sigur Ros, Anathema. But God Is An Astronaut is able to put a special feeling into each song that is performed with the perfect care for dynamics.…, I invite those who doesn’t know this music to listen to this band that will not disappoint you, because of  the great and immense dimension that is able to give.

The songs?....let yourself be immersed into the soft and romantic “First day of sun”…that seems to describe the begin of a new good era with a very romantic point of view… The minimalist essence of  “Echoes” that joins post-rock with progressive rock…and the obscure sadness of “Remaining light” that anticipate the magniloquence suspense of “Shores of Orion” …every song is a piece of a puzzle of emotions…

The band arranges its music with the classic post-rock style…through an intense effected guitar that joins the keyboard. The use of electronics parts is indeed essential and simply perfect…

The album is closed by the magic “Loss” that can’t but be emotional in its every single note…and closes this album in a perfect way.

Ok…No more words…if you want to be part of a beautiful dream “God is an Astronaut” will be the right direction…


rating: 10/10  


Salvo Russo  11.01.2009 
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