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Hi my Readers! 

I have a little surprise for you. A song. And not a song extracted from one of the many albums we can find in stores or that we can order . A song hidden in the net. A song like a stone that should signify: once there was  a band. One single song left in the page of a band that split up 4 years ago, just before entering the studio:Greygap. A track  in a page that practically never begun and never will be finished. A song like the only one element of this site. I found it through surfing many links of Black Metal bands, most of them underground or still not so well known.  Oh but attention, the song i propose and that has really impressed me is  a kind of Black  that will appeal to many, cause it has atmospheric and melodic elements and a touch of crunchy heavy riffs suitable for every Metaller. An addictive song of depression, melancholy and solemnity. Vocals are very evil, the soundscape is emotional and intense, it goes from an uptempo attack full of decadence,  to spheric and slow waves  of sorrow, embedded in a frame of nightmare with temperament . When i reached this page and i clicked "enter" i would have never imagined that the only result would have been  listening  to a track. Nothing else if not an e-mail address. Thanks and hail to Valuk for having answered to me and for having taken the time to tell me a bit the story of Greygap. In these latest 4 years, Greygap 's 3 members have followed different paths and are actually involved in other projects. Valuk in particular is engaged in a Death Metal act that is about to record its  first MCD or CD  this summer.
All the best to each of them! But i really am sorry that a band that composed  a song like this one, is no more. The title? This song  is called THE STRAIGHT LINE OF CREATURES and was a part of the demo FREE FROM GOD.

So Valuk :"The Greygap site...it was meant to be the official
site, but then I've never finished it. And I think
there's no sense to complete it now. Those moments are
dead and gone...although I thought many times to
reform this band but we're strangers now and there
wouldn't be the right ethereal atmosphere..."

Mp3 quality apart, this song has quickly become a "friend" of mine. Often i listen to it when i work till late at night. A dark companion. Eh yes ...mysteries of internet navigation: among lots of crap material , you can find lost fascinating isles. No, my readers, beautiful songs  are not always  in stores or executed during concerts by signed or underground bands. Some  are hidden in the hearts of those who believed in an ideal, many are wasted, and forgotten. But  sometimes they can be rescued totally by chance, stones can be removed, in particular when they are virtual ones . Some people could think that Greygap  is a German band that tries to play Norwegian Atmospheric Black, or that this song sounds like "this, this other and that one"...well  patience, they know everything and sorry for disturb, but i wonder weather they will ever able to find a stone...a song. Or do they always  prefer the manufactured ones?



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