The Power

Separation Of My Soul

Breed Apart

Unborn (intro)


The Ashes Of The Gods

Reap The Fire

Touched By A Shadow Of Evil

Tools Of The Trade

Fight Or Die




Frediablo - vocals

Ole Walaunet  - guitar/bass
Christian Svendsen - drums

GRIMFIST: "10 Steps to Hell"     grimfist            candlelight records

Recorded in SubSonic Society and mixed in Fredman Studio 

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution    

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___            

10 songs, 10 steps. This CD has a continual flow from one song to the next. 

Born in 2001, Grimfist approached the metal world with anticipation and vigor, composted of Horgh (then of Immortal), Ole Walaunet and Frediablo (of Necrophagia) , drummer, guitarist and vocalist combined. 


  In 2003 Iscariah, also of Immortal was added to the roster only to venture into other projects after the complatation of the first album, his former Immortal bandmate Horgh, soon followed  with metal dreams of his own. Both still active in other bands.   Now only Ole and Frediablo remain, and the use of session musicians, Christian Svendsen being named by one reviewer as Horgh’s replacement.   

Two years after the debut album, Grimfist are back with some killer death/thrash metal in “10 steps to Hell”, 10 songs 10 steps.  

    The CD is heavy and really good, I cannot compare it to the first but I like this one.  I think it is well done and has a continual flow from one song to the next.  There is no cookie cutter approach to this.  The Power, the CD’s first song,  jumps right into the thick and gets the blood pumping and it does not stop till the end.  The song Touched by a Shadow of Evil (08) is the CD’s only instrumental song and a bit eerie in its approach.

     This is a definite 08/10, heavy enough to be distinctive but inclusive enough for non- death metal friends to jam to.

rating: 8/10


Steve Rautner  



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