GM september 2005 - Night Watch movie  25.09.2005
Vampire Heart
(Rip Out) The Wings Of A Butterfly
Behind The Crimson Door
Killing Loneliness
Dark Light
Drunk On Shadows
Under The Rose
Play Dead
Face Of God
Night Side Of Eden
Venus (in our blood)
The Cage

Ville Valo - vocals

Mige - bass

Linde - guitar

Burton - keyboards

Gas - drums

H.I.M.: "Dark Light"                           him                Sire Records


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  Salvo Russo 

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I'm sure that who remembers "Razorblade Romance" can't but see the shadow of that band in this new release.

After two years from the good "Lovemetal", the most famous nu-goth rock band comes back with another release...but after 4 good album , this is the first mediocre cd realized from Valo's band!'d be very hard to pretend an album like Razorblade Romance or the first Greatest Lovesongs , but both Deep Shadows and Lovemetal get nice songs in which the band have shown true feelings, considering that their style is based on depth and the passion of romantic rock mixed to gothic .
Here I notice that the sound is the same of Deep Shadows and Lovemetal concerning production and arrangements...and for this reason there's no metal in the sound, there's is a typical   70's rock sound with a touch of dark in the keyboard sounds.
I can't but affirm there are few very inspired songs and also some mediocre songs...far from the latest albums.
Where are those songs full of feelings that mix romantic feelings and gothic atmosphere? Here, there's only the tentative to copy themselves getting inspirations from the past...and it's sad to say that, considering that I made very good reviews also when Deep Shadows was considered a flop cd; That was only a change of direction but in that album there are very inspired songs; Here there are only 4 good songs. . and then? Nothing but some songs that will not leave a mark, and I'm sure that who remembers that unmistakable year 2000, when Him realized that masterpiece called "Razorblade Romance" can't but see the shadow of that band in this new release.

Ok..let's begin to describe this album starting from the good things :
The title track is a sweet and involving melodic rock ballad full of typical romanticism that is ready to be listen to when you're with your partner to dream....a melody very which HIM leaves apart the dark atmosphere to show pure romantic feelings.
"Play dead" is a nocturne song very deep both in the lyrics and the music sung with that usual passion by Ville...that show the best of himself with the best of his timbre.
Of course the structure's songs are very easy...but this song is very deep, and  could be perfect for another single.
"Killing Loneliness" is another good episode; Pure romantic rock with that involving mood and a perfect refrain that is ready to enter in your head.
Shadows of gothic rock in "Under the Rose" that is another good song perfectly sung but Valo. The song is another sweet moment characterized by the involving refrain.
Another positive note is Valo's voice. Ville decided to sing with the best of this voice; He doesn't sing with those high tones that he used in the previous album. His deep voice is able to give the best of himself in the low tones...and I can't but affirm that this is another positive note of this album.
What 'wrong here? There are very uninspired moments; Try to listen "In the Nightside of
Eden "..the worst of Him!!!!!" Drunk on Shadows" is another very easy listening song that seems composed in few minutes, like "Behind the crimson Door" that seems the copy of the copy of the copy of their old songs!!!!
Mediocre songs are "Vampire Hearts" , the single "Wings of Butterfly", "Face of God" and the two bonus track "Venus" and "The Cage" in which the band creates those agreeable moments with the usual compositive approach but without particular inspirations.
Nothing but a fair rock seems so strange to say it for a Him album, but this is Dark Light...


rating: 6,8/10 


Salvo  Russo




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