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      1.   It's Not You

2.      I Get Off

3.      Bet U Wish U Had Me Back

4.      Innocence

5.      Familiar Taste Of Poison

6.      I’M Not An Angel

7.      What Were You Expecting

8.      Love/Hate Heartbreak

9.      Better Sorry Than Safe

10.  Dirty Work

11. Nothing To Do With Love


Elisabeth “Lzzy” Hale


Joe Hottinger


Josh Smith


Arejay Hale


HALESTORM: "Halestorm"  Foto von halestorm         Atlantic Records 

Produced by Howard Benson und mixed by Chris Lord-Alge.

review by Dominic Latscha___ 

Into the Top 20 US Rock Charts.

Halestorm is an American Hard Rock Band from Red Lions, PA. The band got founded between 1997 and 1998 by brother and sister Arejay Hale and Elisabeth “Lzzy” Hale. They found their inspiration for music in Alice Cooper, Van Halen and Cinderella.

They started to play concerts soon in their area together with their father Roger Hale. In 2003 guitar player Joe Hottinger became a member and Josh Smith followed as a bass player in 2004. He replaced Roger Hale.

In 2005 Halestorm signed a record deal with the major label Atlantic Records. Several tours followed and they got the chance to share the stage with Seether, Shinedown and Flyleaf on the SnoCore Tour 2006. The own live production „One & Done” became their first record.

Their major debut album “Halestorm” was issued on April 28 2009 in the USA and peaked on position 40 in the US-Billboard Charts. The single “IT’S Not You” and the lead single “I Get Off” made it into the Top 20 US Rock Charts. Furthermore, their videos to the above mentioned songs got rotation on the MTV2 show “Headbangers Ball”.  Unfortunately the album got issued with a delay of more than a year on May 21 2010 in Europe.

The album starts with the kickass track “It’s Not You”. This song shines with an easy melody and rocking guitar riffs by Joe Hottinger and the vocals by Lzzy Hale.

“I Get Off” is a slower track. Here, Lzzy gets the chance to feel free and let her vocals speak for herself.

“Bet U Wish U Had Me Back” is a rock ballad with smoother and heavier parts. The topic of the song is about a broken up relationship and the wish to get back the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

“Innocence” convinces with catchiness. Here shows Lzzy her vocal skills and Joe Hottinger combines that with excellent guitar riffs.

“Familiar Taste Of Poison” is a quiet ballad and the band uses strings for background music. The arrangement of the whole song reminds a little bit of Evanescence.

“I’M Not An Angel” starts with an acoustic introduction and consists of quiet parts. This song would have been a good single for Nickelback, but it suits much better to Halestorm. This song could become a next hit if the band would release it as a single.

“What Were You Expecting?” kicks ass from the beginning. Hottinger shows his guitar skills and accompanies the song with excellent riffs. A fast up tempo track, where the topic is about the amorousness of a man, who wants to get closer to his dream woman. But he can’t, because there has been only a kiss and no other feelings.

“Love / Hate Heartbreak” has a special atmosphere. Lzzy’s anger is unmistakable and she suffers with every word she sings. A strong emotional song about the situation of a broken heart. The suffering of pain and the wish to take revenge for these circumstances.

“Better Sorry Than Safe” is an further rock ballad. It has an 80’s touch and reminds me a little bit of the legendary US Hard Rock band Heart

“Dirty Work” rocks again and there’s no time to breathe through.

Finally, the album ends with the kick ass track “Noting To Do with Love”. Halestorm despites of Ballads and unnecessary fillers in contrast to many other bands who would put a weak track on their record.

If you should get the chance to see Halestorm live on stage, then you should not miss this chance! What you get to hear on this album is the same you will hear to 100% on stage!

I got the chance to see them live at the Rockstar Taste Of Mayhem Tour in Winterthur, Switzerland and I didn’t regret it at all!


review by Dominic Latscha 

Dominic Latscha is a staff writerfor since 2010

He is based in Switzerland.

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