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Grant Belcher - Vocals

Tim Moe - Guitars

Pete Manzella - Guitars

Dan Manzella - Bass


HURTLOCKER: "Fear in a Handful of Dust"     hurtlocker           
Embrace the Fall

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___            

A bit heavy for my friends but 

they have come to expect that from me.

This is a debut album of the Chicago based band Hurtlocker, a hard - hitting massive attack of American retaliation to a European dominated metal scene.   Or, a worthy contribution. They have been around for a few years with a promo in 2001 so in the meantime they have been honing their sound.  Grant Belcher (Vocals) Tim Moe (Guitars) Pete Manzella (Guitars) Dan Manzella (Bass) make up the band and can be found on My Space.  From a review I read, when asked about what category the music would be listed under, no definite genre was listed since the band did not want to be a carbon copy of other bands.  Though similar to many metal acts today this is defiantly a strong album with no weak songs. Hurtlocker starts with Symptoms, a strong heavy drum laden roaring song, which leads to a similar Absolution.  All songs on the CD are within the 2-3 minute range.  Death style vocals and fast and loud drums and guitars with no slow songs on the albums! 

When asked about the approach, the reply was that this is the sound and the exact image that they wanted to get across so there was no question to what kind of band that they are. Unrelenting is one way it has been described.  With this album the energy put forth is very much like the live show adds guitarist Tim, in another interview with  Defiantly a good album to rock out to on the road or at a party. The intensity of the music make this album addictive, a bit heavy for my friends but they have come to expect that from me.   Also of note, the band toured with Cryptopsy, a well known band of epic proportions, and the record deal with Napalm, so there off to a great start in the big leagues. A first for Napalm known for adding European metal acts only (a great site where I started looking for metal a few years ago when nothing from the states would do), Hurtlocker is their break into the American market and metal scene.  Fear in a Handful of Dust was produced by Zeus who worked with Hatebreed and Shadows Fall.

Nothing fancy, no inspirational offerings on this CD just straight forward Metal.  Simple. Basic. And to the point.   For those of you that like this approach than Hurtlocker is a good addition to your CD collection.   This band will only be getting better and it is a name that will be spoken of highly for some time.    

rating: 8/10


Steve Rautner     13.04.2006
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