01 - Te Amo...I Hate You
02 - How Can I Live
03 - Two (Vaya Con Dios)
04 - Unframed
05 - Cleansing
06 - This Time's For Real
07 - Lifeless...Life...
08 - Numb
09 - Have You Ever Felt?
10 - When It Cuts
11 - Letting Go
12 -All The Right Words
13 - Re-Birth



DANNY COUTO - Percussion





ILL NIÑO : "Confession"    www.illnino.com       Roadrunner Records

review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     


Nu metal in the widest sense of the term (as we encounter influences going from gothic to modern, even reaching the melodic punk).

Melodic and sharp nu metal, intelligent, original, spontaneous… this is “Confession”, the second cd by Il Nino, southamerican band, that this time tackles more sweet and less aggressive sonorities respect to their deubt album “Revolution”!!!

I don’t know about you, but to me this album sounds like winking to Opeth, a band among the first ones using the acoustig guitar along the electric, thus obtaining a smooth yet resilient sound!!!

Produced by Bob Marlette and Dave Chavarri, “Confession” appears to be a very good mature work for the band, marking out their musical capabilities, and opening the doors to a musical evolution that will take Il Nino to abandon the too childish sound of commercial nu metal, to become something richer and more refined.

Too bad Marc Rizzo quit, a very good guitar player with neolatin blood and expression … Very good on the contrary the involvement of a great percussion player: the pureblood brazilian Danny Cauto, to whom “Confession” owes much!!!

The album flows quite homogenous and this brings in turn a bit of repeating itself, yet the guys work well and entertain like some sort of musical jugglers, revealing themselves true good artists.

Among the remarkable songs we find “Te  Amo…I Hate You” and “How  Can I Live”, that start the album with a strong aggressivity, expressed by stout and strong riffs…yet the initial hardness thins out with the vocal interpretation almost “choir-like”, in full nu metal style!!!

How Can I Live” is my favorite song (did you see the video????? …awesome!)…

It is a song giving out strong emotions: dreaming and intense…the percussions play with guitars in a sublime way as we crush against a sonic wall of semi-growl voice and well rounded bass…

An unexceptionable song indeed!!!

“Confession” is a fast and pleasingly flowing album, without excesses, yet with a strong vein of aggressive melancholy that we especially find in “Unframed” and “When It Cuts”. In itself the album is exceptional indeed, even though a bit repeating itself in some parts…yet we are just at the beginning of a change that will bring great innovation…  we will see…

It is worth to mention the coming of a new guitar player, even though almost at the end of the recording sessions: former Machine Head Ahrue Luster, that we hope will be capable to cope with the latin interpretations of the former guitarist Marc Rizzo!!!

rating: 9/10

Sara De Vita  


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