Weapons To Tame A Land
Something Sinister
Goat Sodomy
One Dead Nation Under Dead God
For Those Who Have Fallen
Leucorrhea (Intro)
This Castrated World
I Wage War
Cancer (Intro)
Hate - Despise – Arrogance




Mika Luttinen -Vocals

Jarno Anttila - Guitar

Tuomo Louhio - Guitar

Mikael ``Arkki`` Arnkil - Bass

Reima Kellokoski - Drums

IMPALED NAZARENE: "Pro Patria Finlandia"          impaled nazarene             

Distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution
release dates 22nd of March Finland (Dynamic Arts)
28th of March Europe (Osmose Productions)
18th of April North-America (The End)

recorded and mixed at Sonic Pump Studios by Tapio Pennanen - mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios


Interview with Mika Luttinen

review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___       


Political correctness sukks and Impaled Nazarene are the materialization of political incorrectness 

When you’re fossicking in your local CD-store and your eyes catch the name Impaled Nazarene, you can be quite sure that you get 100% Impaled Nazarene. And this means absolutely no compromise, this means Nuclear Metal in perfection, a mixture of various styles of Metal (of course no Melodic or Gothic Metal),  and lyrical themes such as satanik blasphemy, ultimate hatred towards humanity and especial christianity, sex and alcohol.

 I guess I don’t have to explain nice songtitles like “Goat Sodomy”, “This Castrated World” or “Hate – Despise – Arrogance”. Vokillist Mika Luttinen really vomits his verses out of the speakers, he has one of the most pissed off and fucked up voices which stands vicarious for the crazy and violent image of the Finnish band. Impaled Nazarene, this is most of the time fucking ICE-tempo, blastings are fired through the air, but from time to time, there are these great pounding and neckbreaking midtempo-passages with massive double bass. Just listen to the ineffable chorus of “One Dead Nation Under Dead God” (killer track number one!), this will be one of the hymns that brings the total destruction in every concert hall. 

The strength of Impaled Nazarene are their manifold influences, there’s always a touch of pure Heavy Metal, suddenly despising Black Metal takes control (“Kut”, hell what a freezing opening riff), and don’t forget the catchy melodic leadguitars which show some of the roots of this Finnish quintet. And this kicks absolutely ass, this mixture of insaneness, of controlled chaos, of hate and of brutal extreme Metal with some old-school elements. In contrary to the last album “All That You Fear”, the ninth opus of Impaled Nazarene is rougher, there are less concising soli (what doesn’t mean that they’re nowhere, still, the well punctuated speedy guitarsolo are part of Impaled Nazarene’s sound) and melodies (melodies of course in the typical Impaled Nazarene-meaning), the hymns are more compact and just from zero to 120 in one second. And there are no more keyboard- or synthesizer-effects, just a few spoken samples. 

Another highlight of this infernal creature is “This Castrated World”, a Black Metal-hammer in the vain of “Halo Of Flies” from the “All That You Fear”-album. More or less, this formation will always keep their sound, and that’s fukking good, here you don’t have to expect any “artistic evolution” which often means simply that bands are wimping out and getting softer to keep a bit money for the annuity. Not so Impaled Nazarene. The subtitle of “Pro Patria Finlandia” (the title underlines the controversity around this band, political correctness sukks and Impaled Nazarene are the materialization of political incorrectness) could just be “Fuck Off!”, this album spreads such a raging, venomous and pissed off atmosphere like only a few bands are able to create. Namely Darkthrone or Carpathian Forest, the brothers in mind of Impaled Nazarene. 

If you like real insane, brutal, intensive and extreme Metal, you need to be part of the Impaled Nazarene-legion. No compromise!

rating: 8.8/10  


Boris Witta 
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