1. Decimate Christendom
  2. Dying Divinity
  3. Oath Of Armageddon
  4. Blaspheme The Sacraments
  5. Merciless Tyranny
  6. Horns Of Eradication
  7. Unholy Empowerment Of Righteous Deprivation (Intro)
  8. Thorns Of Everlastung Persecution
  9. No Paradise Awaits
  10. Eternal Darkness Under Conquered Skies (Instrumental)
  11. Feeble Existence
Exiling Righteousness (Bonus Track)



John McEntee (Vocals, Guitar)

Joe Lombard (Bass)

Kyle Severn (Drums)


INCANTATION: "Decimate Christendom"         incantation   listenable

release date 30th August 2004  

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution     


preview - review by Boris "Azrael" Witta ___           


Yeah, this is a fine piece of brutal and ultra-blasphemic US Death Metal. Incanation, the band with more than 30 ex-musicians (no joke!) strikes back with their 9th album, including 2 live-albums. I think the title of this release, “Decimate Christendom” makes clear what Incantation is all about. The trio plays a very rough and a very aggressive, a pushing version of Death Metal, with breaks and tempo-changes, but never too technical, always easy to understand. When I listened to “Decimate Christendom” for the first time, I had pictures of a very big and brutal moshpit in my head and this is the imagination that the music gives to the listener. I would say that the three best adjectives to describe Incantation’s sound are: violent, intense and harsh. And yes, I like this.

Let’s have a look at the band-members: Mastermind John McEntees voice is definitively inhuman, his growling seems to come from the deepest depths of hell, very origin, and his way of playing the guitar is as I said variable, but never confusing. Kyle Severn is known from his other bands Acheron and the very provocative band Wolfen Society. Indeed, his drumming is very tight and the sound of his snare is just great, exactly the way how it should be. Finally Joe Lombard, who plays the four strings very competent.

Alright, now to the songs. In general, you can say that for example the opening titletrack is a fast and “Oath Of Armageddon” is a slow song, but each song contains more or less temo-changes, and some songs also contain special things, Blaspheme The Sacraments” for example contains a cool bass-only-part. I think it’s also not usual that a Death Metal-album is as good as fifty minutes long, but the good thing is that “Decimate Christendom” never gets boring, no, in fact, it’s always great to listen and bang to this Death Metal-massacre. A thing that I can criticize is that “Decimate Christendom” has’t got the real big highlight, all songs are very good, but there isn’t a classic or something like that, the niveau is constant good. Not superb. But that’s better than some songs would be fantastic and the rest would be shit, isn’t it?

Incantation always integrate these typical Death Metal guitar-melodies which make the songs individual, and a very few times, there’s also a feepy, fast, virtuous and shrill guitar-solo. I don’t have any texts, but I thing they’re really hard, blasphemic and destroying, and this is absolutely necessary for this sound. I don’t know why “Exiling Righteousness” is a bonus track, because it fits perfect to the rest of the material and is a very good end of a very good album. An album without highlights, of course also without lowlights, but with a lot of great Death Metal-crushers. Cool thing!


rating: 7,9/10


Boris Witta

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