01) Bad Devotion
02) Touch my Skin
03) Irresistible
04) Shelter from the Storm
05) Lost in your Arms
06) Afraid to see the Light
07) Is it a Sin ?
08) Everything has an End
09) Falling
10) Restless Heart
11) Addicted to Fire
12) Call of the Road

Miriam Pürro - vocals

Michael Giger - guitars

Mark Steffen - drums

Sandro Huwiler - keys

Severin Schürch - bass

Musik von M. Giger & Infinite Dreams
Texte von M. Pürro & Infinite Dreams 


INFINITE DREAMS: "Touch my Skin"  

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Produziert von J.R. Friede
Backing Vocals von Estella Benedetti
Co-Produziert von Infinite Dreams

Cover von Y. Schürch & Infinite Dreams
Layout von Y. Schürch

review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____    


Melodic catchy Rock in European style,  played  sung and  produced very well, with a brilliant rhythmic section, dreaming lead solos ,  good aesthetics and some dark starting points, but too simple and commercial in musical contents and lyrics : a good easy listening for romantic rockers, right like their name is suggesting

Infinite Dreams: 5 musicians  from Luzern who can only confirm that Switzerland IS  the land of Melodic Rock (see Gotthard, Crystal Ball, Shakra just to mention  the most known ones) . Anno Domini 2003 has been definitely of good reward for Infinite Dreams who have now  the possibility to show all their musical characteristics in their debut europe-wide (and soon world-wide) album "Touch my Skin", recorded in the studio of the German label in Osterholz-Scharmbeck under the direction of Jörg Rainer Friede and Torsten Wördemann, and released in July 2003 

Infinite Dream's kind of Rock  is very melodic and harmonious, supported  by a heavy  round rhythmic section which sounds sometimes aggressive , highly biting and energetic . Indeed these  rhythmics with a solide  bass reverberance could even find a place as attitude in the  Gothic rock  sphere and represents one of the best qualities of Infinite Dreams .  But let's not confuse attitude with genre of music presented: Infinite Dream are Melodic Rock in a very  calm and classic assertion , nothing to do with Gothic rock, showing anyway an appreciable European taste.    We can also add that Miriam's  vocals are extremely agreeable, gentle,  but  not high (oh nice for a female voice!) , the background soundscape is all round with wrapping up bass tones and moderate, fair keys. Everything is brilliantly  produced and well played,  both instrumentation and vocals sound  perfectly fluent. PITY that the intrinsic musical contents, so beautifully packaged and played, belong only to the so called "aurea mediocritas". Most of musical contents are simple and rather predictable,not innovative at all,  and simple as well are lyrics.   Infinite Dreams anyway deliver  agreeable , sweet  catchy  songs with some peaks of darkness and many peaks of romanticism.  .  All in all we deal with a good hard romantic inspiration for all those who want a certain rhythmic kick , velvety voice improved and supported by good backing-vocals, and a full background, but don't like surprises and adrenaline trips. 

The best song imo  is  without doubt the track number 3:  Irresistible. It doesn't show nothing spectacular but the way the music is put together makes this song really deep and emotional. Mighty and hammering  rhythmics, dreaming solo  leads , ranging from very bass tones to a bit higher ones : it  is one of those rock tracks with wide wings that makes you embrace the world. 

Other good  tracks are Shelter from the Storm, Afraid to see the Light, Restless Heart and  Call of the Road.   Shelter from the Storm shows  a rich instrumental background,  a certain darkness , a rhythmed midtempo with excursion on the musical pentagram and a good outro. Afraid to see the Light is an hammering sound which provides a kind of bridge à la old Metallica: yes you read well: do you remember  Metallica of the golden times of Ride the Lightning and Muster of Puppets and their melodic insertions? Only pity that this superb influence is too much clear and after all alien if compared to  the general easy listening of the album. Afraid to see the Light delivers also a nice ending with the speeding up of the refrain. Restless Heart is somewhat pushing and dark. Call of the Road  goes just a bit, and really only  a bit,  in  direction   White Lion and Whitesnake, and hides a romantic nostalgic feeling.

Extremely catchy, nice to hear, sometimes even fresh,   but, after all, simple without  proposing nothing new are opener  Bad DevotionTouch my SkinLost in your Arms, Is it a Sin? and  Falling saved by the omnipresent  good rhythmic progression. Restless Heart has a winning refrain loop, good solos, mighty rhythmic, but here again the musical content is not deep and too repetitive, lyrics are then of an absolute banality. Predictable and repetitive is also Addicted to Fire which anyway has good  influences à la 80's . Everything has an End is a sweet catchy ballade, unfortunately a bit too easy-going, which runs the risk to sound even boring to some ears. 

Experienced through a good number of live shows, among which we can mention the latest ones: Z7 Metal Dayz, Open Air Wil, and supporting Bonfire, they can surely trust in a positive future, which i see anyway more positive only if they gather some new idea.  For gryphonmetal Touch my Skin is a pretty easy-listening , performed briliantly but  nothing special in itself, nothing spectacular,  but i can understand that who love  melodic rock with a fat round background,  without demanding nothing from music but  bright flawless easy aesthetics can see this CD as a favourite one.


rating:  7.6/10 

dalia di giacomo    

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