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  01. Oxygen Corrosion
02. Self Termination
03. Enslaved by Machinery
04. Manipulator
05. Zone Killer
06. Decontamination
07. Street Sweeper
08. Dead Inside
09. Human Trafficking
10. Hydraphobia
11. Mind Ripper
12. Armored Virus
13. Mass Communication Mindfuck
14. Nuclear Deterrence
15. Paranoia
16. Necessary Death
17. Protection Maze
18. Lobotomized
19. Internet Era Alienation
20. Evolved into Obliteration
Rahi - Vocals
Beau - Guitar, Bass
Dobber Beverly - Drums 
Alex Hughes - Live Bass 

INSECT  WARFARE: "World Extermination"       

distributed in Switzerland by 

Extreme metal label Earache Records will release INSECT WARFARE's classic grindcore album "World Extermination" on March 2, 2009. Texas grindcore band INSECT WARFARE made countless 7" vinyls and split albums with various other bands before releasing its grindcore masterpiece, "World Extermination", in 2007 on 625 Thrash Records. Following the LP's initial release, the band split and refused all subsequent offers from larger record labels to reissue the classic effort until Earache Records contacted the band. Now "World Extermination", often hailed as the epitome of grindcore, will be available once again.

review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 

Theyíre out to destroy.


I canít say Iíve listened to much Grindcore in my day. Even as a teenager or in my early 20ís Iíve never listened to it. What I thought was Grindcore really wasnít when in comparison to this band. Insect Warfare is nothing short but a highly aggressive and abrasive band that plays like theyíre out to destroy oneís hearing. Itís not very often where a CD is given to me to review where I could listen to 20 tracks in a matter of 23 minutes. At first, I thought the tracks were cut short, honestly, how can a song last for 14 seconds and still be considered a song? 

Another thing I had to get used to was the way the band presented it self in the medium of song (as opposed to stage presence). My first impressions of this band werenít very good. I couldnít tell what anyone was doing. The guitars were tuned super low, the singer was very inaudible, I could even tell if he was saying anything or just grunting certain rhythms. Yes, I like growling but this guy was going over board. The songs were noise to me, listening to them in high volume would destroy both my hearing and my psyche. But the grind part of it as I discovered was the occasional high-pitched growls reminiscent of Black Metal. About the only thing I was listening to, was the drumming, because they were the only thing clear enough to stand out in the mix. 

What I also found interesting about the album was that after listening to it a lot, I got used to the guitar sound and the singing where I found the guitar audible enough to understand what they were doing, although the singing was a lost cause though but the bright side of them were that they blended with the music well. 

I would do this album an injustice by picking apart tracks from this CD because the songs themselves are numerous and short. Every song sounds the same but it doesnít in the same vein because every track is a different representation of aggression. I say all these words as a compliment. The musicianship by the drummer and the guitar player(s) are top notch.

I think that every person, who wants to start a death metal band should listen to this CD and learn a thing or two because this band has more of respect than all those other Death Metal bands out there. Insect Warfare is the most aggressive band Iíve ever heard. Itís music that one can break things to. 

rating: 8/10


Matthew Haumschild   05.02.2009
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