01 Splintered Visions 
02 Embraced By Desolation
03 Three Dimensional Aperture
04 Beginning Of The End
05 Point Of Uncertainty
06 Spiralling Into Depression
07 Isolation
08 Buried In Oblivion
09 Black Sea Of Agony
10 Morose Seclusion
Chris Krall - lead / death vocals
Rob Doherty - guitar / death vocals
Tim Roth - lead / death vocals, guitar
Scott Krall - bass / backing vocals
Jim Austin - percussion / death vocals

INTO ETERNITY : "Buried in Oblivion"                 into eternity           

review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos____   

On the CD case of this album there is a sticker that says “Progressive Metal for the Death Metal fan and Death Metal for the Progressive Metal fan”. I thought this release would be interesting to check it out and I was not proven wrong. I liked this album from the very first listen. I gave a second spin to whole album at once not to understand the songs better but to enjoy the great music of Into Eternity again. I must admit I was not aware of this band but from now on they should consider me another fan of theirs, because of this brilliant release I’ll surely check their previous albums.

            The album starts with a technical guitar solo which leads us to the opening track ‘Splintered Visions’. I won’t discuss all tracks one by one because I don’t think that’s necessary. All songs are in the same high standards.Very strong melodies and clever ideas all around this album. I’d say that their Death metal elements are not as many as their progressive  sound. Of course there are Death metal parts in each song but each composition is very technical, a real treat for all progressive fans. 

Something that I really loved is the way the singer sings when he choses his clean vocals. Fortunately the majority of the vocals are clean and this guy has a beautiful voice. Yes,’beautiful’ is the most suitable word to describe this voice. Death vocals are still great and this change between Clean and Death singing is done is the best possible way. The songs are complex and technical but still they don’t confuse the listener as many progressive bands do. 

Into Eternity are very clever composers and have created a Progressive Metal masterpiece that can be listened easy by all Metal fans and has catchy ideas. The guitar solos have a quality that I didn’t come across for a long time in a new release. I won’t sit and write more about these guys and the masterpiece they created.All you prog-freaks get this cd if you like something powerful. All you Death metal fans try checking them. Buried In Oblivion doesn’t deserve anything less than………

Rating: 9.3/10

Dimitris Theodoropoulos


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