Wings of Rage

Iron Head

Metal Messiah

Wirhlwind Of Doom

Savage Prophecy

Fate Of Fire

Stand As A King

Brotherhood Of The Brave

Alone In The Dark

Mind Machine

Ice Cold Arion

Break The Spell




Martin Steene - Vocals

Jobbe J. - Guitar

Kirk Backarach - Guitar

Martin Lund - Bass

Jens Berglid – Drums

IRON FIRE: "Revenge"   iron fire                

review by Desi "Shagarth" Güthlin ___            

Diverse, elegant, powerful, with feeling, and atmospheric like an album of this kind of music has to be.  

Since their last album "On The Edge" the power-metal-band Iron Fire from Denmark let themselves 5-year time till the new album "Revenge"  was released in March 2006 via Napalm Records.

The quintet around the singer Martin Steene (who founded the band in 1997 and which is the only charter member of the band) shows that they are still Power-metal-bands which goes their own way, which plays independently their music, which retreats from many of the Power-metal-bands usual today. This is what fascinates me in Iron Fire, particularly as the band devoted itself first to the Heavy-metal, then to the Doom-metal and later a mixture of Melodic Black and Death-metal during former days - till they started to play Power-metal.

They also changed their band-name, in the beginning they were called ‘Misery’, from it became ‘Decades of Darkness’ up to the “Iron Fire” which continual still today.


The first hearing of the new album "Revenge" is not enough to say that it is an album like a perfect disc for me- probably rather it comes the thought "Oh a nice album is like many others - but nothing special ".

However, after the second and third listening through to the disc and after try to understand deeper , its certain for me - this is one of the albums in 2006 for me what concerns the Power-metal genre!


"Wings Of Rage" delivers the opener  - the first few seconds you can think it concerns a song of the Neothrash-genre - what quickly changes with the effective guitar-sound and starting of percussion. Steene's voice starts in a hurry, fully of pressure and pleasantly. Long-pulled words and shouts start at the right places of the song - occasionally guitar-solos are introduced - everything full of harmony. The following "Iron Head" begins lively nice. In general a little quicker song, the voice is used partly deeply.

Nevertheless, suddenly in the midst of the song a part comes reminded very much in  ‘Over The Hills And Far Away' (!!!) which isn’t my music-genre at all - however, here it well adapts himself.

With "Metal Messiah" and "Alone In The Dark" the Danes deliver immediately two earwigs which doesn’t go fast out off the head, listen once - never forget. Quite slowly and slowly held, tunefully. The voice stands out very clearly and the refrain is virtually a God.


With a highly shouted "One for all"-call, followed by spoken parts- "Wirhlwind Of Doom" begins, a loud "Go"-call sounds and the song lets his full splendour come out.

Jerky guitar reef, quietly held percussion and again Steene's powerful voice let a miraculous piece come to your ears.


With "Ice Cold Arion" a ballad was brought to life -quite clearly, tunefully, quietly, slowly, with feeling - in short brilliant, it would hit.

Also "Savage Prophecy" and "State As A King" own ballad-influence which passed through, however, from time to time from strong reef and voice full of pressure are. Even more there is nothing to add.


At the end, "Break The Spell"  is the weakest piece of the album for my taste. Not excessively badly, it comes simply half-heartedly and boringly across in my opinion what may lie certainly also with the really slow sound.


Briefly summarized:

The five Danes deliver a good work with “Revenge”. Diverse, elegant, powerful, with feeling and atmospheric like an album of this kind of music has to be.

In contrast to quite a lot of power voices I feel Steene's voice as pleasant - not too much overrated, nevertheless it works nearly perfectly on me - the only criticism point is - something else some vocal positions crossings could be a bit emend.

Also  Eric Philippe's cover art is nicely formed and fits very well to the disc

Each which likes  Power-metal-genre should get in any case this album and listen to it, it is worthwhile in any case.

rating: 9,5/10   



Desi Güthlin   11.08.2006
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