1. Wildest Dreams (Smith/Harris)
2. Rainmaker (Murray/Harris/Dickinson)
3. No More Lies (Harris)
4. Montesgur (Gers/Harris/Dickinson)
5. Dance Of Death (Gers/Harris)
6. New Frontier (McBrain/Smith/Dickinson)
7. Gates Of Tomorrow (Gers/Harris/Dickinson)
8. Paschendale (Smith/Harris)
9. Face In The Sand (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)
10. Age Of Innocence (Murray/Harris)
11. Journeyman (Smith/Harris/Dickinson)

Steve Harris - Bruce Dickinson - Dave Muray - Adrian Smith - Janick gers - Nicko McBrain


IRON  MAIDEN: "Dance of Death"       www.ironmaiden.com 


Review  by Dimitris "Heartcollector" Theodoropoulos____     


Here we are again with a new album of the legendary Iron Maiden.Can they still deliver high quality music in the year 2003 after so many classic albums in their discography?Brave New World was an excellent record and I had high expectations for Dance Of Death.It seems that the band has changed their style a little,after the X-Factor album,they write longer and more complicated songs,they also experiment with classical instruments(i.e. Blood Brothers).Some comments about the cover of Dance Of Death,it seems to get split opinions,many people hate it some others love it.I think that itís based on the title track but surely this cover is worse than Brave New Worldís.Ok the cover doesnít say much,itís the music that counts but expecialy with Iron Maiden,a band who used to have some of the best artwork on their albums,it must be mentioned.Letís have a closer look at each track separately nowÖ.

1.Wildest Dreams

Starts with Nicko shouting 1,2,3 go!This song is also the first single of the album (Rainmaker will be the second single).Very commercial song with catchy chorus,the song in general reminds me of Wickerman,the hit single of the previous album,only this one is a much weaker song.Heard the song many times a month before the release of the album,I heard it again now on the album,I still belive itís very average.  




The song thatíll be the albumís second single.Starts with a nice guitar melody and during itís small duration (3.48 itís the shortest track of the record) itís another catchy song aimed to be a hit but once again as with Wildest Dreams it fails to deliver good music to my ears.Very average chorus that is repeated many times,hoping that you will sing it afterwards but I really try hard to forget it.Not a bad song but too average for a band like Iron Maiden.  



3.No More Lies

This track is the first interesting tune I hear so far.Nice slow intro with bass,vocal lines over it and then Bruce shouts No More Lies and the song kicks in.Classical instruments can be heard in the background,or they can also be keyboards?The guitars throw in some melodies,classic maiden style ones.The chorus might sound boring but after a while I got used to it and itís really powerful,cool guitar solos in there too.The first good song of the album but still not the huge song that will amaze me.  




Heavy intro,a beautiful chorus and finally a really good song on the record.Lyrics talk about a battle in a place called Montsegur from what I can understand.The guitar follows the vocal melodies(or vice versa) and in general very classic iron maiden style song.  



5.Dance Of Death

Masterpiece.The only word I can think of to describe this song.The title track of the album is an amazing piece of music and although there is no certain chorus,the whole orchestration is incredible.Lyrics talk about a man who was brought in a dance with dead creatures,the music fits with the words perfectly.Bruce gives us a great performance and once again classic instruments can be heard in the background following an incredible guitar melody,an epic song.The guitar solos from the 3 guitars is also remarkable.  


6.Gates Of Tomorrow

A very melodic song,guitar follows vocal lines once again,very catchy song.Another great tune in the album after the title track.The chorus is really cool,I liked this song a  lot.I think it would make a better single than Wildest Dreams or Rainmaker.High quality song and I hope the band includes it in their live set.So far 3 great songs on the album.  



7.New Frontier

Starts very interesting and I like the guitar work on it but later the song becomes boring.This is just a good song not too bad or too good.In some parts it has some really good moments but nothing too special through out the song.Chorus is repeated during the end once again hoping to stick in my mind but it fails.  



For many people this is the best track of the whole album and I think Iíll agree with them.Starts with an experimental melody which sounds like keyboards but I think itís made with guitar tapping.Very epic song,another iron maiden masterpiece,lyrics talk about a battle like in Montsegur earlier.Incredible chorus,majestic melodies,Bruce shines again,I wish they will continue to write such good songs in their future releases.A bit progressive in itís total,I never get bored from this song,well done guys.Yes this is the BEST song of the album.  



9.Face In The Sand

I knew this song was going to be great from the very first notes of itís intro.Dramatic melody and heavy feeling through out itís duration and once again vocal lines that reminds us of the legendary moments of the band in the 80ís.You can count another masterpiece of the album with this one.I wonít say more,you just have to listen to this.  



10.Age Of Innocence

Same style slow intro as with the previous song,bass and slow guitar solo on the background.Political subject in the lyrics.The beautiful melodic chorus must be mentioned,it sounds much like Bruceís solo works.A melodic song that prepares us for Ö.  




Probably the first Ďpureí ballad Iron Maiden have written,it has only classic guitars and no electric ones at all.The intro at the very beginning reminded me of Dust in the Wind by Kansas.I rank this song among the best 3 moments of the album.This song is INCREDIBLE.Great emotinal vocals,perfect guitar chords and a chorus that chills the bones.The most melodic moment of the album and in my opinion the bandís finest ballad ever.The classic instruments on the background fit the song perfectly,once again I donít know what else to say about such a song.Melancholic melody accompanied by very good lyrics.Although the song is 7 minutes long I never get bored in any part of it.There couldnít be a better closing for this album.

To sum up,itís a great come back from Iron Maiden after 3 years.Although I liked Brave New World a lot,I must say Dance Of Death is not a better album but it has itís own moments of genious and it deserves a Ö.


Dimitris Theodoropoulos  

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