Empire Strikes First
Area 51
Black Inside
She's So Bad
Ardent Sighs And Blazin Tears
I Raise My Hands






LuigiMartino - Vocals 
Bob Marotta -  Guitars
Joe Mendoza -  Bass
Guido Daniele -  Drums


JACKAL: "Black inside"  jackal  

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review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


Typical wild approach of pure Heavy-Metal.



If you needed of an old metal school cd,  this Italian band tries to create something that remind those storic artist like Ozzy or Iron Maiden (first releases)…

The quality is fair and in my opinion they can still improve; The songs gets the right dose of wildness but the they sounds very old and already heard!

The cd seems to belong to the begin of 80’s in all senses!!! Production , style and all!!!!

The songs will not leave a mark but if you are a nostalgic of that era , you can find that typical wild approach that is typical of pure heavy-metal. The musician plays well, and the singer gets a good voice for this style and sings well.

Nothing to add…an almost sufficient release.

rating: 5,8/10  


Salvo Russo  23.09.2007   

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