01 Diese Menschen sind (halbwegs) ehrlich
[im original von goldene zitronen]
02 Pogo in der Straßenbahn
[im original von fasaga]
03 Es tickt
[im original von extrabreit]
04 Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik
[im original von funny van dannen]
05 Der Mord fällt aus
[im original von ea80]
06 Ich verabscheue euch wegen eurer Kleinkunst zutiefst
[im original von tocotronic]
07 Der Greuel
[im original von eisenvater]
08 Kummer
[im original von trio]




Christof Kather - drums
Klaus Nicodem - guitar
Marco Bachmann - bass
Markus Hoff - vocals
Andreas Paul - vocals
Robert Nowak - guitar

JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE: "Deutschland von vorne"           japanische kampfhoerspiele        Bastardized Recordings 

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner ___         

It is an all German
cover which is extremely loud fast and thunderous!


  The German band Japanische Kampfhorspiele which has released their 13th CD entitled: Deutschland
von Vorne.     

JaKa for short was formed in 1998 by Christof and Klaus and apparently when
asked in a previous interview there is no adequate translation for the
band name in either German or English.
The music is aptly classified (by the band) as  "Deathmetal mit
blackmetal vocals und noisecore – spaessen".  It is an all German
cover which is extremely loud fast and thunderous!  I lent my copy to
the unloaders at work to listen to it alongside the speed metal they
were accustomed to and when it was returned later it was accompanied
with "hell yeah, this is some heavy stuff!"

Most everything I could find on the band is in German.  Since my
language proficiency is not yet advanced there is only a small bit
that I was able to translate.  I have two website that will be of more
help for those of you that want more information on JaKa.
The main site:  www.japanischekampfhorspiele.de  and
under Wikipedia.de  ---> Japanische Kampfhörspiele

Among the  eight songs,
Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik, Ich verabscheue euch wegen eurer Kleinkunst zutiefst, and Der Greuel would be my favorites.   The song number four (Menschenverachtende Untergrundmusik) because of the guitar and the other two ones because of the brutal assault of drums.
If you want loud and heavy check this out.


rating: 7,5/10  


Steve Rautner
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