01. All I wanna do
02. Wildflower
03. Hate to love you
04. I'm on fire
05. Somebody to love
06. Caught in the middle
07. Gimme some Rock, so I can Roll
08. Livin' out loud 
09. Still waiting for you 
10. Long way down 
11. Hard to say goodbye 
12. 'Till love is gone 
13. Nowhere left to go 
Johnny Lima Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Craig Takeshita Lead Guitar
Bernie F. Diaz Drums
Danny Danzi Lead Guitar 
Christian Wolff Lead Guitar 
Brandon Baumann Additional Backing Vocals (All I Wanna Do, Wildflower & Gimme Some Rock, So I Can Roll)

JOHNNY LIMA: "Livin' Out Loud"    www.myspace.com/johnnylima 

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Produced by Johnny Lima.

review by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner___      Photo of Steve Rautner


A summer, party platter!


Johnny Lima is back with another CD, "Livin' Out Loud",  after a short intermission and I have to say this is a really enjoyable album to listen to from beginning to end.  

It is fun and definitively a summer, party platter!  A bit more involved and technical than his earlier music showing a distinct progression in sound and music composition.  

I really enjoy the guitar riffs, the lyrics are easy to sing along to. One thing that is really impressive with Johnnys music is it is all original!  A lot of todays radio friendly style is to copy and borrow from another talent and call it your own, that is weak and unimaginative, only showing that your good with the computer but not music. Johnnys music rocks and judging from a post on his web site, the order for the new CD is through the roof.  

Many have compared him to Bon Jovi, I disagree it is more in the vein of Poison, though his influences run the gauntlet of many great bands. The energy that is released is phenomenal!  The CD consists of twelve tracks all running mid to fast tempo, with clean vocals.  Its hard to decide a favorite but possibly it would be #7, Gimme some Rock So I can Roll.
So, bring your friends this is gonna be an all-nighter!

rating: 8,5/10

review by Steve Rautner Photo of Steve Rautner


Steve Rautner is a staff writer for gryphonmetal.ch since 2006

He is based in West Virginia, USA,  and can be reached at myspace.


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