1. Forsaker
  2. The Longest Year
  3. Idle Blood
  4. Onward into Battle
  5. Liberation
  6. The Promise of Deceit
  7. Nephilim
  8. New night
  9. Inheritance
  10. Day and then the Shade
  11. Ashen
  12. Departer
Jonas Renkse 

Anders Nyström 

Fredrik Norrman

Mattias Norrman

Daniel Liljekvist

KATATONIA: "Night Is The New Day"      katatonia      Peaceville

Live Consternation
The great cold Distance
Viva Emptiness

Katatonia live



Station 4 – Saint Paul Minnesota – October 29th 2006


review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___ 


Katatonia is now.


            I will write the shortest review possible for this album simply because it’s that good. We’ve been waiting for this album since “The Great Cold Distance” and it’s quite possibly, in the world of metal, the most anticipated album of the year. I understand Metallica came out with an album this year, but they’ve come and gone; Katatonia is now. This is the peak of their career and this album is worth it. “Forsaker” is the heaviest song they’ve ever came out with. All of the other songs are melancholic, dark, heavy, melodic, and everything that makes Katatonia, Katatonia.


            You will not be disappointed. Go buy it.




review by Matthew Haumschild   

Matthew Haumschild is a staff writer/editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2002

He is based out of Minneapolis Minnesota USA he can be reached at matthaumschild@yahoo.com and  on facebook.com

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