1. Grail of Sahara

2. Forgotten bride
3. Beast within
4. Fade to gray
5. Swear
6. Promise me everything
7. Mystery
8. Flow
9. Scars in my heart
10. Storm rider
11. Mist of dawn
12. Kuupoika




Katra Solopuro - Vocals
Kristian Kangasniemi - Guitar
Johannes Tolonen - Bass
Jani Wilund - Keyboards

Jaakko Järvensivu - Drums

KATRA: "Beast within"       katra           

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

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Enchanting magic touch.

This album is a pure example of good gothic metal without being necessarily original…They get inspirations from Within Temptation , Epica , Nightwish.

First of all the cd is well arranged and produced. Nothing to envy to the best production of this style….

The Finnish band doesn’t innovate this style but can create good atmospheres and good songs thanks to the  work made by Jani Wilund, who is able to make dreaming atmospheres, and by the good Katra vocals; Katra Solopuro the perfect vocalist….a seducing girl that shows ability to give the magic touch with an enchanting operatic interpretation.

The only problem, for those who appreciates the above mentioned bands, is the evident similarity for all that concerns the songs and the style...however this album delivers very great songs therefore I invite you to listen to the essence of "Beast within" .

There are very intense ballads through which the band shows to get much sensibility….try to listen to “Scars in my Heart” or “Mist of Dawn”…just this last one is a very jewel full of melancholy and sadness that will be the joy of all those who like these atmospheres…what a great song!!!

The band can impress us also with  good mid-tempos in which balladesque parts are mixed to those great accelerations in which I appreciate the  work of rhythmic session and the very good arrangement; The good production and also the valuable work of rhythm and dynamics can be enjoyed.

rating: 8/10  

Salvo Russo  05.10.2008  
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