Somewhere only we know
Bend and break
We might as well be strangers
Everybody's changing
Your eyes open
She has no time
Can't stop now
This is the last time
On a day like today
Untitled I

Tim Rice-Oxley (piano),

Richard Hughes (drums)

Tom Chaplin(vocals)

KEANE: "Hopes and Fears"         keane            Island


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


This is one of the sweetest cd, I've listened to in this year! Keane... a young band that takes inspirations from 70''s/80's poprock... but not only! An album full of melancholic ballads that could be considered a travel into the hidden part of your soul, a romantic and deep though..; It's imposible not to find A-HA, U2 influences, but also Radiohead, Coldplay, Muse, but these boys gets good own personality, and for this reason I'm sure that this album is ready to be loved from all those who like deep music! The arrangements are made by piano and a lovely voice, and I notice the lack of electric guitars...only some acoustic parts that are not in evidence!!...But everything is seated with a great care, and also the production gives quality to these songs.....

The single "Somewhere only we know" is a delicate whisper from the heart in which Tom shows a beautiful voice into a sad sweet melody; "Bend and Break" is another enjoyable pop-rock song similar to TRAVIS and something made by Waterboys; I notice an easy and perfect arrangement very similar to 70's rock, but with the modern touch. It's impossible not to understand that their music is made from the heart, and every note played gets a unique intensity....

Tom Chaplin shows how to give a perfect interpretation into "We Might As Well Be Strangers". A sad and melancholic ballad that is able to touch the heart! An old fashion that remind me of the best A-HA or something made by Supertramp with an evident Brit-pop influence.

Another ballad..."Everybody's changing" that reminds me of the best TRAVIS but with an evident personal touch a song that is able to enter into your soul, with a perfect performance and in particular I underline the very good melody and the magic atmosphere made by piano!!!!

A song that is worthy of the price of the whole album;

"Your eyes open" is a ballad old style, in which piano and voice creates a very melancholic atmosphere;  The darkness and the melancholic and the romanticism are all in "She has no time" in which Tom sings in a very delicate way, into one of the romantic ballad composed from this band!

Try to close your eyes, and let your soul be carried into the sweetness of "Can't stop now", another romantic old-fashion song, in which the band is able to show what they're able to make!!!

This album is still able to amaze me with another melancholic song in which the easy melody is able to enter into your mind...another arrangement inspired to 70's!!!

"Sunshine" is in my opinion the only mediocre song in this album; A easy melody into a too much easy structure into a easy melody.

"This is the last time" is another good ballad inspired to 70's rock with an evident romantic approach very similar to 70's pop-rock artists; A band able to play from the bottom of the heart...

"Untitled 1" is a deep song in which drums is a little varied, the piano creates a very beautiful atmosphere as well as Tom's voice, that shows a mature style. A sad song in which every note is played with a unique intensity, even if I don't appreciate Tom's falsetto in the refrain.

"Bedshapes" is in my opinion one of the most beautiful song of this album. It's impossible not to think to A-HA!!! This song remind me of something made by A-HA in these latest years; An amazing melody in which Tom's shows all his ability!!!

A travel into the hidden part of your soul...with a 70's  touch and a unique intensity...only ballads...but this is their style!


Salvo  Russo    

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