1.The Death & Resurrection Show
2. Total Invasion
3. Asteroid
4. Implant
5. Blood On Your Hands
6. Loose Cannon
7. You'll Never Get To Me
8. Seeing Red
9. Dark Forces
10. The House That Pain Built
11. Wardance

Singer: Jaz Coleman
Guitar: Geordie
Bass  : Youth
Drums: Dave Grohl


KILLING JOKE:  "Killing Joke"         www.killingjoke.com 

Review  by Matthew "Matt" Haumschild____     


According to the bands official website and many others, this was the first recording by the band in many years since they put out "Democracy" in 1995. To me, this seems like an awfully long time between albums. However, it was well worth it and I will explain this is a little bit. Before I go on explaining their new CD, in case you don't know much about this band, let me tell you a little bit about them. Killing Joke was considered to be in the early 80's as the premier post-punk act. Adding Industrial elements to their music and adding a little rasp to the vocals, which was something at the time, not too many bands were doing. Killing Joke has inspired bands like Metallica and Nirvana with their brand of punk rock. The previous two albums Killing Joke had put out "Pandemonium" and "Democracy" didn't exactly sound like the albums they did back in the 80's.  This album changed everything.

The CD starts out with a track called "The Death & Resurrection Show." Which from what I have heard so far from this band sounds completely different. It's actually much heavier then anything they have put out. A bit choppy other than that I usually skip over this track because it goes on for way too long!

"Total Invasion" is probably the most interesting track on this record. I personally have very mixed feelings about it. The song is basically about, when you read between the lines, a protest against the US/British invasion of Iraq. Key words..."BETWEEN THE LINES." Being as my personal views on this particular topic I thought Jaz Coleman (singer/songwriter) went way too far with these lyrics and took everything out of proportion sending out a half right half wrong message regarding facts. But for whatever reason, I like this song because it has an awesome beat, great riffs, and the way the vocals are sung are actually quite original. It's a very addicting song to listen to.

Another track worth noting is the song "Implant." Jaz does something in this track I rarely hear. The entire song stops right after the Chorus is done and he just yells out obscenities. It's funny but very understandable but incomprehencable, however, you could really hear the frustration in his words. Don't look up what he says in the lyric sheet because itís not exactly in there. I really like this one too. Slower beat but the attitude on here you don't hear anymore in music.

Killing Joke made a video (clip for you all) for the song "Loose Cannon." Of which is posted on the official website so you'll have to go to killingjoke.com to watch the "streaming" video.  Besides the video, the song is actually very monotonous. But it still rocks none the less. It's a song you can yell out the lyrics to when youíre driving in the car. It maintains a steady beat with no changes in time whatsoever.

On September 15th the song "Seeing Red" will be released as a single. The song itself is probably one of the best-put together songs on the album.  It's also the most pop sounding song it as well. It is an upbeat song and it sounds very British as well. Again, this is one of my favorite songs that you can sing and scream along to in the car. It goes slow to fast slow to fast throughout the song. In a way it sounds a bit alternative/punk sounding.

Overall these are the most noteworthy tracks on this album. I really liked this CD. This Album blows away the past couple albums they have put out. The Drumming on this CD was orchestrated by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) and was done very well and better than expected. The guitars are heavier than ever and the vocals are as raspy as ever with the signature a British accent. Besides the worst packaging and artwork I'd ever seen on a CD, the self-titled album is very straight forward, in your face and is well worth buying. I give it 4 out of 5.

rating: 4/5
Matthew Haumschild  
Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland