Slain Fate


Servant of Emptiness



Visions beyond


They call me Death

Unmerciful Order

Crosses toward Hell

Infected Core



Alex Camargo - vocals/bass

Moyses Kolesne - guitar

Max Kolesne - drums

KRISIUN: "Bloodshed"       krisiun                       

release date: october 18th

8 brand-new tracks (incl. 3 intros/outros) that show a different side of the band. It also includes four tracks of their rare “Unmerciful Order” MCD, originally released in 1993. Available for the fan-friendly price of a mid-priced CD. Krisiun will embark on the European “Clash Of Demigods” tour with co-headliners Behemoth and with support from Incantation and Ragnarok.

Krisiun live with Morbid Angel

preview - review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

fileBloodshed is an album that has much to offer. It offers 12 tracks , 8 of which are completely new and 4 very rare, published in 1993 in the form of the MCD "Unmerciful Order". Then it offers something very interesting: a balanced and even new image of the band: the name Krisiun shouldn't mean hyperspeed only. The godfathers of Brazilian  fast brutality can manifest their malignant but constructive unmercifulness also using slower  paces and rhythms, spiced up by  very good Melodic Death metal tendencies and modern sounds of psycho-ghostly fear (like in Outro/MMIV). Krisiun  incorporate brilliant  hooklines and obsessive passages as well. Bloodshed is solid but not monolithic, able to arise jets of fire, crawling solos, but also a pounding massacre of bone-breaker heaviness. Many times you can get the impression that, in Bloodshed, Malevolent Creation meet Kataklysm and Morbid Angel but in a groovier , more downtuned , asphyxiating way. 

Bloodshed offers a policy of fan-friendly reduced price, for 40 minutes of pressing machine that leave you however surprisingly fit and active instead than depressed. The double bass drums  grasp deeply  in the range of bass sounds, grip the ground: in this  way the square  snare-hits make a remarkable contrast. Vocals are mighty and hate-filled. Guitars and bass are tight and agile, able to let spring a paradox anyway: in the point  you seem to hear too much monochromatic moments (like in  Ominous) they evoke anyway an impression of variety and sparkling implacable waterfall of sounds  underlining the changes of patterns so that at the end  you attend a reiterated pure hammering enthralling banging  loop (and indeed so is Ominous) . While even more varied tracks like the formidable opener  Slain Fate, which results immediately addictive, (but Ominous becomes addictive too) are dressed  with a pulsing coherence. Slain Fate, marked also by lead -guitars recurrent spasms and overdriven fugue, or Ominous  or Servant of Emptiness are a thunderous but gloomy waves of  hammering landslips. But who likes cold abyssal ghostly effects and distortion can admire Eons (the title is perfectly matching the sound) for almost 2 minutes of sidereal unreality as a break between the Death rides. The brutal and fierce Hateful Nature is very punishing nevertheless ennobled by lead solos and stop start cadenced bursts of hooklines. Vision beyond has a procedere that is similar to   Kataklysm's Blood on the Swans but showcases a real profusion of lead -guitar ability. A certain acoustic-distorted  appeal can be found in the instrumental Vodoo , where also the drumming gets tribal characteristics . With They call me Death  the CD catapults us back in time, with a relentless Death in US style and infernal brutal-barking-brachial vocals, and the cult begins. All is closed  by Outro/MMIV (already mentioned) and its atmosphere of sidereal horror.

I would say that Krisiun 's Bloodshed can be appreciated by all Death Metal fans without any exception, from the Old-School party to the Melodic one . Bloodshed is a bridge between present and past with an eye to the future, and is a bridge between two worlds well cemented in that American culture (America is not only US) that gets influences from USA indeed but  maintains strong connections with Europe. Among the new tracks many  are killers, addictive, others are more atmospheric and instrumental, but all are intense and played with absolute competence. that competence and self-confidence that a veteran  band has. It's one of those albums that really will grow on you. So  make your wallet happy and  let's bang your head!  Krisiun are really mighty.  


I can't deny my fate
when the victory comes
I'll be the king, Lord of all evil
I knew the prophecy, I knew the pain

rating:   9/10


dalia di giacomo    
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