1. The last View
2. A Pearl
3. The Shadow I once kissed
4. Veins
5. We shouldn't be here
6. And God's Ocean
7. Suicide Sun
8. Dear Amy
9. A dead Man
10. Sacrificial Lamb




Rob Vitacca - Vocals

Oliver Nikolas - Guitars

Peter Kafka - Bass

Tony Berger - Guitars

Korl Fuhrmann - Drums


LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE: "Songs for the last View"  lacrimas profundere 


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Ave End 
Fall, i will follow 

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

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Dark melancholy and desperation.


After the change of style LP have realized two almost sufficient releases. Now they comes back with an album that even if it's nothing original shows a good attitude to compose  appreciable involving songs that are result of many influences; without shadows of doubt Him and 69 Eyes but also Type O Negative and Sister Of Mercy.

Who does reminds of the debut album of this band?....Forget it!!! Nowadays all songs are full of darkness and romanticism and I can say that the band is able to make good grooves and compose good gothic ballads. If you like the already mentioned bands ...you can appreciate this album even if it's nothing new....the problem  could be indeed the lack of originality...but it's no longer a problem if you look over...and try to listen the songs...without making comparisons.

Gothic cold atmospheres in which Rob reminds of 69 Eyes' singer but not only. Sometimes he's very similar to the most inspired Ville Valo...try to listen to “And God's Ocean” in which you can't but dream, listening to this song...It gets a very sad mood mixed to that melancholy that is typical of this style..

The other ballad “A dead Man” seems to much similar to something already composed by other bands...but anyway it's another dreaming song.

The band tries to find inspirations from sad piano, arpeggio and synth atmospheres ,and thanks to the easy structures the band is able to create interesting tracks like” Sacrificial Lambs” that could be a Him single-song...or the claustrophobic “While” that is full of dark melancholy and desperation but with that typical romantic touch in which the voice is essential to this task...

Concerning guitars I can say that the arrangements are very simple...a good distortion and a good clean guitar, but, in general, the  production is however good, and gives importance to this release.

The band will not disappoint you if you like gothic romantic rock/metal...but attention...The band sound exactly like the mix of the above listed bands and sometimes is too much near to those ones in all senses...

rating: 7/10  


Salvo Russo  23.10.2008  
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