01. Kyrie (12:42) - Overture
02. Durch Nacht und Flut (6:03) - Suche Part 1
03. Sacrifice (9:28) - Hingabe Part 1
04. Apart (4:16) - Bittruf Part 1
05. Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit (5:05) - Suche Part 2
06. Eine Nacht in Ewigkeit (5:52) - Hingabe Part 2
07. Malina (4:48) - Bittruf Part 2
08. Die Schreie sind verstummt (12:42) - Requiem für drei Gamben und Klavier

Tilo Wolff: Piano, programing, voice

Anne Nurmi: Keyboards, voice

LACRIMOSA: "Echos"  www.lacrimosa.de        

with Jay P.: Electric & acoustic Guitars & Basses & Melotron / Manne Uhlig: Drums / Thomas Nack: Drums / Catharina Boutari: Sopran / Raphaela Mayhaus: Sopran / Bettina Hunold: Sopran / Uli Brandt: Alt / Melanie Kirschke: Alt / Ursula Ritter: Alt / Yenz Leonhard: Tenor / Olaf Senkbeil: Tenor / Klaus Bülow: Tenor / Frederick Martin: Bass / Joachim Gebardt: Bass / Rosenberg Ensemble: Chor / Stefan Pintev: 1st Violine / Rodrigo Reichel: 2nd Violine / Sebastian Marock: Viola / V. Sondeckis: Cello & Gamben / Katharina Bunners: Doublebass / Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg / Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie / Ludgar Hendrich: Konzertmeister / Christopher Clayton & Günter Joseck: Conductors

Recorded & Mixed June - September 2002
at Impuls Musicproductions, Hamburg by JP Genkel / Scoring Stage, Berlin by Michael Schubert
Mastered September 2002 at Recording Service Halvé, Hamburg by Helge Halvé
Cover Designed by Tilo Wolff
Painted by Stelio Diamantopoulos
Artwork Layout & DTP by Gunnar Eysel
Photos by Burgis Wehry

Released by Hall Of Sermon GmbH 2003
Published by Hall Of Sermon Publishing 2003

review by Salvo "Lovedeath77" Russo
Lacrimosa are back!!!!It  is not easy to listen to Lacrimosa's sound.....their music is the True Gothic metal in which the arrangements take the structure from Classic Music. There's not metal in their compositions but there's much poetry....melancholy, and deepness.
Singer's voice seems to tell the music that is full of arrangements ...and is well produced. I'ts difficult to describe the complexity of these compositions; Churchmusic in the first song that is something  wonderful in which the atmosphere is filled by chorus ....The second track Durch Nacht und Flut  is something different but i love this song...composed with too much care, in which the melody rules the song but the arrangements are full of classic parts....congratulations!!!!!!
Sacrifice is churcmusic but some parts remind me the 70's music.....another wonderful idea..and the chorus gives a particular touch to this song.
In Apart we've the pleasure to listen Anne 's voice and it's wonderful.......what a beautiful voice!!!!!!The music is very sad and it's arranged in a perfect way; guitars are not always present but the compostion are fill of poetry music........and it's well in this way...this is their personal sound!
A note of disappointment  regarding the track no.5 "Ein Hauch von Menschlichkeit "that is a little bit boring ...better said, more tha a little bit for me !!!...while "Malina" gets a particoular arrangement but the melody is not at the top .
Die Schreie sind verstummt - Requiem für drei Gamben und Klavier closes this cd....in the best way..and i may say that this is a very good album for this storic band. 
If you like classic music, churchmusic, and Gothic, Baroque.etc.....ok...this album is perfect ,this is not an album for Metal defenders or New Gothic Metal fans(To/ Die /For, Sentenced ,ecc...).
Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum