01 Foreword (Intro) 
02 Don't Stay 
03 Somewhere I Belong
04 Lying From You 
05 Hit The Floor 
06 Easier To Run 
07 Faint 
08 Figure.09 
09 Breaking The Habit 
10 From The Inside 
11 Nobody's Listening 
12 Session 
13 Numb 

Chester Bennington: Vocals
Rob Bourdon: Drums
Brad Delson: Guitar
Joseph Hahn: Records, sampling
Phoenix: Bass
Mike Shinoda: Emcee, vocals, sampling, guitar


LINKIN PARK: "Meteora"  www.linkinpark.com   

http://www2.warnerbros.com/web/music/artist.jsp?name=030703_linkinpark&page=3&fromtout=music_a : here you can find news about the album and the videoclip "Where i belong"

PRODUCER: Don Gilmore


Review  by Salvo Russo_____________________________

This is the flop of 2003!!!!
A tedious album from this american band that two years ago was able to wonder you!!!!
This album comes out after two years and the result is very bad, it gives me the impression that they have composed the songs just only in order to fulfil the contract!
In my opinion, the tracks  shown in this album are 13 songs composed in a great hurry...there are many rap parts mixed to metal guitars but the result is very far from their debýt album!!!
The first single "Somewhere I belong" is , fo rme, one of the worst nu-metal songs..and however it may be considered one of the best song of this album!...so can you  image what are you going to listen to..if you buy this album?
 Backstreet Boys with metal guitars involved could be the portrait of "From the inside" .. usually cliches included.....
There's no a very beautiful song like "IN THE END", so i can presume it will be not easy to choose the next single!
Vocals are very bad in many songs..trying to sing with a shrill voice in order to cover the banality of the instrumental parts; moreover we can find too many rap parts ...the length of the songs is about 2:30/3:00 .....what may i say? IS THIS THE END OF LINKIN PARK?
rating: 2/10

Salvo Russo