1. Intro: Scaretic Circle Gathering 
2. Get Heavy 
3. Devil Is A Loser 
4. Rock The Hell Outta You 
5. Would You Love A Monsterman?
6. Icon Of Dominance 
7. Not The Nicest Guy 
8. Hellbender Turbulence 
9. Biomechanic Man 
10. Last Kiss Goodbye 
11. Dynamite Tonite 
12. Monster Monster 
13. Outro 
14. Would You Love A Monsterman? (Video)
Amen (guitar, vocals)
Enary (keyboards, vocals)
Kalma (bass, vocals)
Kita (drums, vocals)
Lordi (vocals)

LORDI: "Get Heavy"          lordi        drakkar
released 27.01.2003
Review by Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson


Ok, first off let me say that this monster-image is a bit tiring.
Do they actually think that we are going to believe that they are
real monsters, or are they just having a bit of fun?
Well, the make-up is great. It looks realistic in all the pictures,
but for gods sake...get over the horror-film influence. It's not fun
in the long run.

As for the music, it sounds really good. The vocals are indeed
cool to listen to, it actually sounds like Ville Laihiala of Sentenced.
And it sounds like him ALOT. It makes me wonder...

Catchy tunes, like "The devil's a loser" and "Last kiss goodbye",
promise good material for future videos.
The songs seem to be inspired from alot of metal from the 80's, mainly when it comes
to melodies, but also when it comes to synthesizers and the sounds of various
guitar effects.

I mean, listen to "Dynamite tonite". The whole thing literally screams 1986!!!
But so do most of these songs, and the cool thing is, it still works!
It never gets boring, musically speaking. 

I'm just waiting for these guys to lose the monster image and get with the
poodle-haircuts and tights.

Carl Bengtsson

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