1.  Rise Up

2.  Velveteen Kiss

3.  Cold Summer

listen to track 3 at equilibre site

4.  Traveling Through Our Love

5.  Alta

6.  Trade In Your Hate

7.  Glitter 4 Tears

8.  Scythia

9.  Elegy

10. Ice Queen Baby

11. Traveling Through Our Love (Wet re-mix)

12. Elegy (Fat Remix)


The new line-up 4 Glam-Goth-Deluxe Tour2004 (Part II):

Christi Scythe: vocals, guitars
Don Ragno: drums
Vy: bass
Vice: keyboards
Versa: guitars


LYCOSIA: "Lycosia"               lycosia          equilibre music  

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution   



review by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___

For some people, it is hard to grasp the concept of Gothic and Glam style of

music. On Lycosia’s website, this is what the band claims to be. The concept is hard to grasp because the styles themselves are entirely different from each other. One is doom, gloom, depressing and very dramatic. The other is flashy, high energy, and ridiculous. Honestly, Lycosia is neither of them. One thing Gothic and Glam have in common is lack of technology like samplers and drum machines in there music. Or at least in a dance sense like in “Scythia”. “Elegy” is another example of dance-like samples in the song itself. Of all the songs on this CD, this song reminds me of Paradise Lost. Out of all the songs on this CD, this is the most Gothic sounding song. However, this does not constitute the band to being gothic. Glam is harder to define. Glam is more of a look than anything else. When most people think of Glam, they think of Motley Crue, White Snake, Poison (the mother of glam rock), Twisted Sister, and so on. What those bands had in common was big hair, make-up and spandex. One trait Lycosia has with Glam though are the vocals. Singing that is pitched, clear as a bell and very reminiscent of glam singers.


     Traveling Through Our Love

This song sounds very familiar, it almost sounds like a cover song. It has a very up beat, dance-like rhythm and a very catchy chorus to it. In this critic’s opinion, this is the best song on this album. This song, is very radio worthy, it would be unfortunate if it did not make it to radio or into one’s car CD player.



     The most interesting part of this song is in the introduction. It begins with, what sounds like a sitar, only that it was more than likely an acoustic guitar going though a effects rack to make it sound Middle Eastern. The intro also contained congas and a very wide-open sounding kick drum. This rhythm remained constant through out this song. The rest of the band plays very well around this rhythm which would make it again, very catchy. This is another fine song on this CD.


     Glitter 4 Tears

     After an unusual, depressing piano intro, the guitars come in, in the same key to carry on a more up beat rhythm. The chorus part again is very catchy; the vocals are amongst the best on the CD in this song, where notes are held for long periods of time and in key. The odd thing about this track that is has some Brit-pop influence in it. It is hard to explain, but when this song is listed to it becomes evident to the listener.  This song is recommended as well.


     Overall, the band has influences of both gothic and glam rock, Lycosia also has many other influences through out this CD and it is hard to classify this band into just one genre. The only thing close that one could think of is, modern rock. A good majority of songs have the hooks needed to sell records and keep the listener’s attention. This is not a bad band at all. If people are looking for something to relax to, or take long drives with, Lycosia is the band to do it. See these guys at  a club would be nice too.

rating: 8,5/10


Matthew Haumschild  17/09/2004 
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