EDITORIAL 4 June 2004

How much worth-like is  work and dedication in the eyes of  „ big bands“? (Metallica and Good News) ---- 

Hi  Readers! 

I like to let u  know some stuff, which, I think, is in itself absolutely crap!

Lets call it the Metallica story:

After spending a fortune in calls to ask an accreditation for the metallica gig taking place this month here in Switzerland, i come to only one conclusion: certain organizators (f. e. Good News), including supporters and printed press, think that an online mag is just nothing worth to care about…maybe for them a serious work since years is  a kind of toy !

No one of that "high -standing" ppl dropped even an eye on GM, just only to know what the fuck we are doing, the only simple and superficial answer I’ve got, “no way for online zines”, but even shitty radio stations and crap print magazines maybe could get in!

Well, I don’t think to move something with this editorial, …….  that’s just a part of the question I dropped to myself….

The real question is: is metal still a thing for dedicated people? Or better said, is Metallica still to consider Metal if they act this way or allow, that managements or  whoever act this way ?

I ‘d like theoretically to include  the band in this discussion, coz at this level, the band could do something but at the moment i just can see, that the band who dropped out St. Anger,  what I personally consider as crap, as a  kind of organized noise, could do something, could move something, could! But maybe Metallica don’t want, or is that far away from reality to not think about,……….. first the money, then the people who work, listen and believe in them!

If we from GM would act this way, we already have closed 4 years ago! But we believe in Metal and in Metallica’s old songs which very likely will be presented too, and love the most little underground band near  to ppl which play better than Metallica!

(Remember, printed are allowed, coz the "feckers" (us included) of the online stuff are just good to be used for reviews and for spreeding infos for free!!!!!!!!….)

  My conclusion is, Metal is true and Metal should be lived …. Metal at least is the forthcoming future for the musicians,  but it doesn’t mean   money only, or you believe in Metal or you run the commercial way and become pop star  like …. a bitch of yourself just for money!

Special thanks to Good News, coz it was  the inspiration to write this text!


Stefan Vogelaar    

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