1. Don’t wanna’ kill
2. They stole the Sun
3. Hold on tight
4. Hurry up Ravens
5. Maiastra
6. Dark Secret
7. Just for two Coins
8. Until the Light is gone
9. Chitaroptera
10. Mistress of the Wind




Ana Mladinovici - Vocals
Bogdan "Bat" Costea - Guitars
Sorin Vlad - Bass
Fingers - Keyboards
Hertz - Drums

MAGICA: "Wolves & Witches"  magica         


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Able to involve.


Nothing original…just an album of fantasy metal that nothing adds to a kind of music that gets the main inspirations from Nightwish , Epica and something of Within Temptation…For the band this is the realization of  the fourth album which is release just one year after the previous “Hereafter”…

It's not  a bad work because the songs get good mood and it can be suitable for all those who appreciate this style; The production is sufficient, and  there’s not much to say about arrangements that are just essential for the music proposed.

There’s to notice the good technical attitude of all members…Ana’s voice has nothing to envy to all main front women of the above mentioned bands… There’s a very a great harmony between the rhythmic section and the ability of a good melodic groove in which the power-guitar riffs meet the essential and technical Fingers’ keyboard. Melodies are good…the band is able to involve …but there’s a lack of originality…try to listen to “Just for two Coins” that gets more than a shadow of Stratovarius…but also “Until the Light is gone” in which Ana’s voice is immersed into the typical and classic power-metal.

What can I say more?...If you like power-metal with a touch of symphonic-goth this album is the umpteenth good work…in which even if more than a song seems to be not very inspired, the usual typical melodic approach gives a good output.

rating: 7/10  


Salvo Russo  22.02.2008  
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