01. Dalla Bocca dell'Inverno
02. All'Imbrunire
03. Diadema
04. Anastasis
05. Il Canto della Pietra
06. Ninfea
07. Il più antico dei Giorni
08. Dune
09. L'Ora senza Fine




Emanuel Rastelli: voice, guitars, keyboards, percussions
Mattia Stanciou: Drums, percussions
Massimiliano Biganzoli: Bass



MAGNIFIQUAT: "Il piu' antico dei Giorni"                           elnor productions


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

An artistic vision of Sacre, symphonic atmospheres mixed with gothic, ethnic, medieval and dark...in Italian

If you try to close your eyes listening to this cd...you can't but experience a special feeling into your soul....This cd is a pure medicine for the soul!  A definition for this album? It's no easy....Medieval music, gothic , nocturnal , involves this opera, but this is the magic touch of Emanuele Rastelli...A great Italian musician and not only he writes fantastic lyrics inspired to the story...and the all the band is able to get a vision of another époque in music!!!! But I can't but underline the special support of Mattia Stancioiu a great drummer and Massimiliano Bingazolo (bass).

...They're Magnifiquat!!!!This is an italian band who sings in Italian in a perfect way..they've been able  to adapt Italian language to this style....This style that doesn't get an exact definition!!!

Magnifiquat is project that gets an artistic vision of Sacre....And every song seems like a poetry ...sweet and old atmospheres that can't but let us image what History was.....

The inspirations? Spiritual visions inspired to Renè Guenon , San Giovanni della Croce, Meister Elkhart ....concerning the sound I notice a touch of symphonic atmosphere mixed to Goth...but also ethnic and dark!

Deep atmospheres in which the music becomes the expression of the soul...Rock, Metal, Gothic, Ethnic, Electro....all these styles are perfectly mixed with a special artistic touch...

Let's try to describe the songs of this album:

Medieval music in the first song : "DALLA BOCCA DELL'INVERNO" ...A special atmosphere between Folk-Rock and Medieval rock that is a delicate poetry in which Emanuele is able to sing with a very expressive voice....

"ALL 'IMBRUNIRE" is a song about old traditions that told about the figure of "The King of the World"....

"DIADEMA" gets a fantastic atmosphere...a song about all the sacred places. "The temple " is the human being as gospel teaches.......

"ANASTASIS" is an ode between death and resurrection...Musically is in my opinion the less inspired song...even if there are very good chorus in which male and female vocals are perfectly mixed.

"IL CANTO DELLA PIETRA" is a song in which there's the shadow of Galgano di Montesiepi(1148-1181)...He becomes holy in 1185. An intense and evocative atmosphere in  a perfect medieval style!

"NINFEA" is a delicate ballad in which the band shows a melodic soul with a fantastic music and a deep lyric.

"IL PIU ANTICO DEI GIORNI" is another dream in music ...It seems a sweet lullaby in which old medieval atmospheres are able to let you live in another époque! This song tells about Messiah. The Sacre is the only means to destroy the evils and give light to the "new creation"........

A song that can't be descript ...try to listen to it.....every note is the expressions of the  lyric....

"DUNE" is a Goth-Dark song in which Emanuele is able to create a fantastic melody sung in italian!!!!Another masterpiece that tells about the Antichrist...This song is able to describe in music oniric images about the power and inconsistence of Anti Christianity. A very dark but at the same time involving melody!

"L'ORA SENZA FINE" is an instrumental song that follows the "Dune" lyrics....


Good production and excellent arrangements!

An authentic masterpiece......for all those who wants to feel the music in the veins....



rating: 9.5/10  


Salvo  Russo  
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